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Got creative kids?

Don't miss the “Marathon” for creatives coming in August

creativesmx creative marathon hudson valley new york

HUDSON VALLEY – In early August, artists, creators, craft makers, designers, producers, developers and innovators will compete in the area’s first ever CreativesMX Marathon.

The four-day, multi-county event offers participants an opportunity to “race” on a course of workshops, rehearsals, exhibitions, and performances to see who can make it to the finish line. Based on the concept of a long-distance run, the goal is the creative exploration of the marathoners’ respective disciplines using the unique Orange, Ulster and Dutchess County terrain as a backdrop. The event runs August 3 through 7.

The CreativesMX Marathon has nine separate artistic categories – for performing, visual, media, culinary, healing, design and literary artists as well as categories for craft makers and tech & gaming enthusiasts – in three different age groups covering teens through adults. Up to 200 Marathoners will compete for cash, prizes and the honor of being Best in Class.

Registration for interested participants is open through July 31. For registration information or more details about the Marathon, log onto marathon.creativesmx.com