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Create a Plan for Self Care This Summer

Put your self care on autopilot and have more time for you.

Create a Plan for Self Care This Summer

I spend a lot of time crafting and planning for crafts each week. My blogs tend to follow what my kids and I are doing or I share fun ways to create with your own kids. Well this week I am counting down to the end of the school year and wondering how I am going to fit in self care this summer. It's funny how we spend so much time planning things to do with our kids, where to send them to camp or how to keep them busy yet we forget to plan time for ourselves. 

Self care isn't always a mani/pedi or a visit to the spa. Sometimes it's the little moments you build into your day to stay sane, or recharge. Here are some really easy ways to fit self care into your day even with the kids home this summer. 


Before two kids I made time every single day for exercise. I started my mornings with a mile walk, I walked laps during my lunch hour and I'd hit the gym after work for a class. Now it can be difficult to fit exercise in even once a week. 

If you can afford to join a gym, choose one that offers child care. Even if your child can only make it 30 minutes without you, you have invested 30 minutes into taking care of yourself. The benefits of working out at the gym are obvious, but you will also get some social time in. Having a conversation and smiling is an immediate energy boost. 

Can't afford a gym? You can find a million work out videos online. Get up before the kids, or work out during nap times. If they are old enough make them your work out buddy. Start a walking group with co-workers during your lunch hour and just take a 15 minute stroll around the block for good health!


This may sound obvious, but making sure to drink enough water each day has really changed my life. I used to avoid drinking water because my kids and I were out at the park for hours with no bathrooms. I found myself feeling grumpy and exhausted. Now that I track my water intake to ensure I reach 80 ounces a day, I am less moody and I have a lot more energy. Drinking coffee, caffeinated teas, sugary drinks, or soda can dehydrate you. You'll need to drink extra ounces to counteract the effects. If water isn't your favorite, you can jazz it up by adding frozen berries or switching to decaf herbal teas or seltzer once in a while. 

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Seriously, schedule yourself for a night out with your friends now and then. This time spent venting and laughing without having to hover over your kids gives you the mental break you need. Call a moms night and invite a bunch of friends this way even if someone's plans change there are other's to meet up with. You need this time to plug into something less demanding than kids, husbands, bedtimes and chores. 


I am a BIG fan of using the curbside grocery delivery in my area. Several stores are now offering this option, so get savvy with how to use them and make sure you schedule your groceries online. It can be weird at first having someone else pick your produce, but the time and sanity you save not having to shop with screaming kids is worth it!

If you can find a way to hire someone to help clean even once a month it will be a huge help. Most people don't know that you can negotiate with an experienced private house cleaner. You can negotiate days, times and jobs you need help with. It would be a dream come true to have someone else fold the laundry, clean the kitty litter box and wash the billions of cups our kids use each day. But if you can get help with just the bathrooms and moping the floor- that's at least an hour or two less work for yourself each week (that makes more time for a night out!). 


Take a few minutes right now to make a list of things to do if you suddenly find yourself with a baby sitter and a night out. Or if you find yourself with an unexpected hour of time and you don't want to waste it on cleaning. List date night options, moms night options and list what you can do in one hour, or even 15 minutes to focus just on yourself. If I get an extra 15 minutes of unexpected alone time I like to grab a book. Or sometimes I set the timer on my phone for a power nap. And if I'm really prepared I will cue up a guided meditation video on YouTube. If I have an hour to myself, I know which hiking trails or walking paths I can get to quickly to spend some time alone in nature. 


I love starting my day with music that is energizing and makes me want to move. It counterbalances the continuous loop of Paw Patrol and Kidz Bop songs playing in my head. I have a play list for mornings, for our evenings at dinner and to play as we are getting ready for bed. Music naturally changes your mood and helps create positive feelings.


I know this is so much easier said than done. Our kids needs often butts right into the time we've set aside for ourselves. But this doesn't have be an elaborate routine. Waking a half hour before the kids (unless they are early risers then just take the extra sleep) to drink your coffee or morning beverage in quiet will start your day off on a positive note. Crawling into bed right after putting your own kids to bed for some adult coloring, journaling or reading something you enjoy is easy enough to do each night.  

Not every mom is a work from home mom like me and can flex work hours around kid demands. But every mom deserves some extra time to recharge. Planning pockets of time in advance can help you ward off feeling drained. Nothing is perfect so expect some blips, a kid will wake up with a fever, and you will still show up late from time to time. Just look forward to the next self care moment on your list. 

The Whatever Mom is a full-time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here. You can also find her musings and popular shares on Facebook and Twitter. Stay up to date with her creative ideas and outings on Pinterest. 

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