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Crafty fun with these Valentine's Day ideas

Kids can help decorate for this love-filled day with these easy crafts

Crafty fun with these Valentine's Day ideas

Crafts are always fun, especially when you just can't get outdoors. With just a few simple household items kids can make these crafts and help decorate the house for this special day.

Love Bug Applesauce from The Keeper of the Cheerios LLC
Love, love, love this saucy little craft. This project is super easy, great for the littlest ones, and kids can still eat it when they're done.

Valentine’s Day Love Bug Craft For Kids from Inspiring Savings
Another Love Bug craft, but then it is the holiday of love. This one is really easy to make and kids will have a blast playing with their fuzzy creations.

Make a Candy Dog from Kid Friendly Things to Do
This little guy is made from candy kisses and is just so sweet you will want to eat them all up when the holiday is over. 

Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher from Adventure in a Box
These are so pretty you will want to put them everywhere. Just a little glue and some permanent colored pens and voila, suncatchers for Valentine's.

Blow the kids away with this cardboard tube windsock. Colored paper and party streamers make these the perfect piece to hang anywhere you get a little breeze.

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