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Craft inspiration you can watch anywhere

Our favorite YouTube craft channels

Got a kid that just loves to watch YouTube videos? Those unboxing videos sure are fun and can pull a kid in with the lure of colorful toys and the excitement of revealing the mystery of a blind bag. But honestly, how much can one parent listen to before they feel the brain cells oozing out of their ears? And how much stuff does your kid ask for after watching them?

We put a lot of limits on the unboxing shows, mostly because I can’t listen to grown adults talking in baby voices and creating weird scenarios with toys. And because I can’t take how often I lecture my kids about the evils of plastic and consumerism. Sometimes, I just want to be able to say yes to something that I feel good letting them watch for more than 30 seconds.

Here is a list of some of our favorite and entertaining YouTube shows. These are great for kids to watch that will spark their creativity, imagination and not leave them begging for toys.

Our absolute favorite is Slick Slime Sam. This Canadian based  show does have a few unboxing shows, but it is mostly comedy, crafts and science fun your kids will be mesmerized by. 

Big Fun Crafty Show is a fast-paced crafting competition for kids liken to reality kitchen cooking shows, except with craft supplies. Kids are given a crafting challenge to complete during a time limit. It is fun and gets the creative juices flowing.

Blossom offers fun videos that cover a variety of crafts, cooking and DIY make overs. Fun for all ages and you can pick and choose crafts based on your level of craftiness.

Craft Factory isn’t a full show, but it offers crafting clips for fun sensory play and easy crafts to make for your preschooler to enjoy. There are some inspiring crafts to make in five minutes or less! If you have a kiddo in love with Minecraft and Pokemon there are some super easy crafts, they can recreate at home.

These are our personal favorite go-to channels to find crafty things to do and help us find new ways to challenge our skills.  The great thing is you can watch them from anywhere you are - vacation, grandmas house, in the car or anywhere you can find YouTube. Instead of wanting to buy more stuff after watching these, my kids want to get busy creating. 

The Whatever Mom lives in the Hudson Valley with her family. Crafting is not second nature to her, but she has learned to love it because her kids make her. 

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