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Top 10 Tips for Cover Kid Success

Former Cover Kid Shares Tips for a Successful Day at the 2016 Cover Kid Event

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If you know someone between 6 months-and 16 years old, that wants to break into the acting or modeling industry, Hudson Valley Parent's Cover Kid Event on April 17th at the Newburgh Mall is calling their name!

As a former Hudson Valley Cover Kid, this contest gave me the skills needed to keep striving for what I want in the industry. I am currently an agency signed model and Miss Dutchess County Teen 2015 all at the tender age of 16!

A little over three years ago, I attended my first Cover Kid Event. I ended up getting pretty far in the contest and I was a runner-up. I worked with the New York Talent Club and began to do feature films and studied acting and modeling. Being the determined person that I am, I returned again the next year with even more confidence. That was my year and in December 2013, I graced the cover of Hudson Valley Parent!

I wish I could have known some of these tips earlier in my adventure. I can not complain though because the best way to learn is from your mistakes! The worst feeling is being confused or unprepared, so I gathered together my top ten tips to help you prepare for the Cover Kid event:

See your child on the cover of Hudson Valley Parent Magazine
  1. Dress comfortably. Dress your child however they are most comfortable. You don't want them to be distracted by their own outfit! The talent agents are drawn to "the kid next door" look. There is no need to invest in expensive costumes or crazy hairdos for the day. Keep everything age appropriate and flattering.

  2. As always, be you! The best way to get the attention of the talent agents is to tell them unique and fun things about yourself. It is always the girl or boy with the genuine personality that will be remembered!

  3. Don't give up. If your child doesn't happen to get a coveted cover spot this year, try again next year. Not everyone can win, but that doesn't mean anything. It is all about development. Hey, just look at my story!

  4. Find your passion. Get a general knowledge of what you like most about the talent industry. Are you more into theater or film? Runway or print? Vocals or dance? It is a huge world out there, so know where you would like to stand in the future.

  5. Be supportive. It is important for parents to be supportive, but do not make your child go on stage if they do not want to. Avoid putting pressure to perform on them and let your child naturally shine on their own!

  6. Catch some zzz's. Get a good nights sleep the night before the Cover Kid Event. It's best to avoid cranky moods as much as possible. Also, it looks better on camera!

    See your child on the cover of Hudson Valley Parent magazine

  7. Enjoy the fair. If you plan on coming earlier than your
    slot, enjoy the Family Fair going on at the mall. There will be performances, live animals, and bounce houses! Don't forget to bring a spare outfit in case of any accidents!

  8. Don't rush. Come at your given time so you can settle down and enjoy the festivities. This will also give you enough time to see what is going on and how your audition will work.

  9. Just relax. The agents are extremely nice! It is just like talking to a close friend, so don't think you have to go overboard as if it is a job interview.

  10. Enjoy it. Not everyone child has the opportunity to speak face-to-face with a talent agent and this is an opportunity of a lifetime, so just enjoy!
    See your child on the cover of Hudson Valley Parent magazine
    Go ahead and mark down April 17, 2016 on your calendar from 11am-4pm at the Newburgh Mall. Register right here and I hope to see you there. I will be co-hosting the event... can't wait to see you!


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