I'm so bored!

Counting game and activities for rainy days

On a rainy day - or any other day when there's nothing to do - put together a list of questions that kids can answer with a number. For instance:

• How many windows are there in our home?

• How many shoes are there in your closet?

• How many beans (buttons, coins, pebbles) are in this jar? (Not for kids under two.)

• How many tiles are there on the bathroom floor?

• How many socks are in your drawer?

• How many pillows are there in our home?

• How many hats or caps are there in our home?

• How far is it - in feet - from the front door to the refrigerator door?

Make up your own questions and adjust the difficulty to fit your audience. Provide a tape measure - or other appropriate tool - when needed.

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