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Tissue Paper Color Transfer Project

Homemade Art and Activity Inspired by Story Time

Tissue Paper Color Transfer Project

This week the girls and I created some fun, personalized art to hang in their rooms. We were inspired by a fun book we took out from the library called, Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color by Julia Denos. Not only is it beautifully illustrated with lots of color, but the main character Swatch reminds me of my girls. Swatch is a wild girl who tames wild colors and by the end of the book she has made them all her friends. My little artists have yet to meet a color they don’t like and can't make their own.

I am excited by how this project, and our activity, pairs perfectly with this book! We decided to skip the predictable square canvas, and opted for the letter shaped canvas. It helps that we happened to find these letter shaped canvas’ on sale at Michael’s craft store.


  • Dark color tissue paper (the darker colors “bleed” more)
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle full of water
  • Canvas


Start by snipping shapes from the tissue paper. We made squares and triangles and made individual piles of colors to make it easier for each kid to take what they needed.

Next,, spray your canvas with water and begin layering your tissue paper shapes randomly onto the canvas. You can make new colors by layering several colors together. Your paper should stick to the canvas right away, but if it dries quickly just give it another spritz of water.

Once you have all your pieces on your canvas, spritz water over the entire canvas one final time.

Allow to dry for 20 minutes before removing the tissue paper. It should peel off cleanly without sticking. Pull off a small piece to check the color first. If it isn’t as bold as you’d like, spritz again and wait another 10 minutes. Be warned: your fingers may get a little stained from the color.

While we waited for the water to dry we read about Swatch and talked about our favorite colors. Then we put on some wild music and danced around the living room with rainbow colored dance streamers. My girls felt like Swatch taming their colors.

Our final product was more pastel in color but my girls liked it! Now to find just the right spot to hang their new art in their rooms.

The entire project cost around $10 to make. We stacked some coupons on those sale prices at Michael's and had plenty of tissue paper on hand. Now we have some really unique art to enjoy, and the girls had fun playing with colors!

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