A taste of India in our backyard

With its serene and welcoming atmosphere, the environment at Citrus is simply exquisite. My party and I remained comfortably chatting and enjoying our meal for hours. 

Apps— We started with a variety of crispy fried vegetables which were very tender and encased in a crunchy outer shell, and shared a tandoori platter.  The dish offered spicy chicken in red, green and yellow sauces, and they were moist, smoky and ideally cooked.

Entrée— Everything sounded so good that picking one was daunting. There are two sections in their menu—Indian and Thai. It took us about 30 minutes to make our decision! From the huge array of choices, I selected a savory cauliflower and potato dish. I was amazed at how such mild base ingredients could become so richly flavorful. The spice blend was complex and tasty. The vegetables were covered with, as I’d hoped, enough sauce to stir in the basmati rice from our generous common bowl.

Editorial assistant, Brittany, ordered a tikka masala which means “chicken and sauce,” and the extremely large portion came on served on a sizzling cast-iron platter. The chicken was a bright, aromatic red. Her masala dipping sauce was not overly spicy, but very flavorful. The dish was so ample that she was unable to eat the complete meal.  We decided on having the remainder of our dinners for lunch the next day.

Dessert— We joked about ordering all eight desserts on the menu, but managed to narrow it down to four:  a slice of mango cheesecake served with raspberries in sauce; a dense date cake with a caramel drizzle; sweet pastry balls soaked and fried in a warm honey sauce; and a mild farmer’s cheese in spiced cream. We were thoroughly satisfied with our dinner and already thinking of what we’d like to try next time!


Laura Lamica is a summer intern at Hudson Valley Parent magazine.