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Chalk Paint® makes DIY projects a breeze

Beacon store offers monthly workshops to fuel the creative DIY flair

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Meet Caryn Morales, with that wonderful smile. She is the owner and designer of Knot Too Shabby. Learn how Chalk Paint® works on any surface you can think of.

Now a global phenomenon, Annie Sloan first developed the Chalk Paint® in 1990 to answer the need she had for a versatile paint that would work beautifully on furniture without priming or sanding; that would be easy to use and quick to dry; and that could be used for a number of different paint techniques. Chalk Paint® can be used on wood, plastic, metal, glass, fabric, and even bricks. The hardest part is choosing a color.

A super easy way to brighten up an old bedside table or make your favorite chair feel more 'you'. Just a little bit of paint and a quick lick of wax goes a long way. The store features the Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack. It has everything you need to create your own Annie Sloan masterpiece. The Mini Project Pack is perfect for small projects like a chair, stool or small table and contains: 

  • 2 x 120ml pots of Chalk Paint® (your choice of colors)
  • 1 x 120ml pot of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax
  • 1 x 120ml pot of Dark Chalk Paint® Wax
  • 1 x Small Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brush
  • Annie Sloan Color Card
  • Annie Sloan Tin Opener
I have to say upfront, that I get no commission or promo fee by promoting Knot Too Shabby. I just love their paint.

Several years ago, I bought a simple metal apple as a centerpiece for my garden. Over the years it rusted. Then I remembered visiting Caryn at Knot Too Shabby. She said this chalk paint can be applied to any surface. No primer required. Covers rust. And the bushes are washable with plain water. Sounded too good to be true.

So I tried it on my red rusted apple. It went on easily with one coat. But I added a just-in-case, second coat because the apple sits out in all kinds of weather. I love the red luscious color. The brush I used came clean easily with water from the garden hose. I am sold.

Knot Too Shabby, located at 155 Main Street, Beacon is your Hudson Valley Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Stockist. Caryn Morales, owner and designer of Knot Too Shabby, offers monthly hands-on workshops.

In addition to Chalk Paint®, Knot Too Shabby, stocks the full line of Iron Orchid Designs to fuel your creative soul. Their inventory of refinished furniture, custom signs and handmade goodness by local artisans is always new and fun to explore.