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5 ways to celebrate summer with today’s newest tech

Enhance this summer’s activities and celebrations

Enhance this summer’s activities and celebrations

Warm summer days are perfect for pool parties, cookouts, and bike rides. With the latest technology, there are endless ways to enhance this summer’s activities and celebrations.

1. Beat the Heat. The sweltering summer heat can be hard to handle. Luckily, the latest in cooling technology includes everything from fancy fans that look sleek and modern in the corner of any room, to cooling mattresses that can keep any type of sleeper comfortable throughout the night.

Another great way to keep cool this summer is to invest in a quality drink cooler or insulated water bottle that you can bring along with you to cookouts and pool parties to keep your drinks ice-cold, all day long.

2. SmashUps. SmashUps from American Greetings are customizable videos that you can personalize and send via email, text message or share on social media for a number of holidays and celebratory occasions throughout the year. There are SmashUps specifically for celebrating summer holidays, including a Juneteenth message from Alicia Keys, a special Father’s Day news bulletin from Kevin Nealon, and Fourth of July fun for the whole family, including Uncle Sam selfies.

SmashUps can be sent for almost every occasion including birthdays, weddings, and retirement. Or you can send messages just to say “congrats” or “thinking of you.” Regardless of the celebration, SmashUps are almost guaranteed to entertain everyone from dads to grads.

3. Waterproof Tech. Whether it’s a pool party or a day on the lake, a quality cooler isn’t the only thing you’ll need. Have you considered if your favorite technology is waterproof? Whether it’s your speaker, phone or camera, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe by choosing one that is already waterproof or finding a case that can seal it off from water damage.

4. Bluetooth Thermometer. Grilling outside is a summer staple. If you’re stumped on a unique gift for dad, consider a Bluetooth meat thermometer. The handy device allows Dad to monitor the internal temperature of the food on the grill from his phone, so he can spend more time mingling with guests, or cooling off in front of the TV.

5. Fitness. The warm summer weather leaves plenty of options for outdoor physical activity. Whether it’s a walk, run, bike ride or swim, there is a variety of technology to keep you on track with hitting your fitness goals.

For the walkers and runners, Bluetooth headphones can motivate you for the duration of the workout. For the bikers, there are odometers that can be added to the bike to track how far you’ve gone. For swimmers, waterproof smartwatches can be worn to track the outputs of a swim.

The latest technology has something for everyone to help improve your life and the way you celebrate this summer.


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