Celebrate National Music Day

4 ways to make music a bigger part of your family’s life

Researchers say that music can bring many benefits to your life — and for households that incorporate music into their daily lifestyle, these benefits can extend to everyone in the family. 

According to a survey conducted by Casio America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital pianos and keyboards, more than 80 percent of U.S. parents said they played a musical instrument as children.

And nearly three in five parents say it is extremely or very important that their children learn a musical instrument. This National Music Day, celebrated on June 21, discover ways you can make and appreciate music in your home and bring the family closer together.

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See a show

Step out of your weekend routine by taking the family to see a musical or concert. There are opportunities in every community to see musical theater or live music, and watching others on stage can be inspiring for kids who may be interested in taking up an instrument or other performing art.


Join the band

In many school districts, music education starts early. Investigate your school’s music programming as early as possible and sign the kids up for chorus, band or the school play. The earlier kids get started on music education, the better. Motivate them to keep up the good work with private music lessons, new music books and other tools to master their instruments. Let your kids know music is important by prioritizing practice just as much as homework.

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Bring it home

Mastering the piano or keyboard is one of the best ways to learn music fundamentals. There are affordable, space-conscious ways to keep a high-quality instrument in your home. From full-size digital pianos with keys that feel like ebony and ivory and feature four positions of piano lid simulation, to portable keyboards with mini keys, perfect for little fingers.

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Movie night

Break out the popcorn and watch an inspiring movie about music appreciation that the whole family will love like “High School Musical”and “Pitch Perfect.” If you have kids signed up for band, consider “Mr. Holland’s Opus” or “Drumline.”

This National Music Day and beyond, make music a bigger part of your family’s life. 

Article courtesy of State Point