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30 Easter Candy Alternatives

Avoid the Easter basket sugar rush

That well-meaning Easter Bunny loves to fill kid's baskets with tons of sugar that's sure to keep them bouncing off the walls for days to come.
Giant chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and marshmallow chicks galore! Hello sugar rush... goodbye sleep!

If you're looking for some candy-free Easter Basket ideas, look no further...

1. Play-Doh
2. Craft Kits
3. DVDs
4. Stuffed Animals
5. Video Games
6. Sidewalk Chalk
7. Books
8. Bubbles
9. Puzzles
10. Money

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11. Activity Books
12. Stickers
13. A Jump Rope
14. Easter-themed socks
15. Easter PJs
16. Color Bath Dropz by Crayola
17. Chia Pet
18. Baseball Cards
19. Nail polish
20. Science Kits

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21. Rubik's Cube
22. Flip Flops
23. Seedlings
24. Coloring Books
25. Lego Easter Chick set
26. Mad Libs
27. A Bike Helmet
28. A Kite
29. Temporary Bunny Tattoos
30. Card Games

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