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3 tips to ease your child’s fear of the school bus

What to do when your child is afraid of the bus

What to do when your child is afraid of the bus

It’s the first day of school and your child doesn’t know anyone at the bus stop. He’s scared and lonely. Help make your child’s school bus experience a great one using the tips below!

  • Walk it out. Walk your child to the bus two or three days before school begins or drive the route. This alleviates the first-day bus jitters and is especially important for those who haven’t taken the bus before.

  • Talk it out. Ask your child how he is feeling. If he’s scared, don’t minimize his feelings by telling him not to worry. Instead, find out what he’s worried about and come up with ways to alleviate his anxiety.
  • Work it out. Now that your child will spend the majority of his day sitting still at school, come up with ways to work out all of his energy and encourage him to have fun once he’s home!