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A Tight Butt is Only One Move Away

Bridge Pose

If you're like me, you tend to do the same moves over and over and forget about others that may be really effective. Bridge Pose is one such move for me. This pose falls into the category of back bends. Since I love Up Dog and Cobra, they take priority in my practice. Not wise! I'm bringing back Bridge Pose because it is doable for most people (unless you suffer from neck injuries) and because it is great for lifting (literally!) your bottom.

If you're new to Bridge Pose, you may want to start off by lifting your hips only halfway so you can see how your neck responds. Later, you can shift your shoulder blades underneath you and press your hips as high as is comfortable. Remember to keep a slight pelvic tilt throughout to avoid compressing your lower back. You might choose to do reps of this move or simply hold it for five to seven breaths. Not only will you firm up your bottom, you will increase strength in your back and legs while increasing flexibility in your spine. As a bonus, it's an inversion!

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