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Boss Lady with Kit Burke-Smith

Entrepreneur Kit Burke-Smith finds happiness in her booming jewelry business

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Kit Burke-Smith is an artist, maker, entrepreneur, mother and a resident of the creative town of Beacon for the last 15 years. Her 7-year-old daughter and her booming jewelry making business, Kit Burke-Smith Jewelry, keep her busy and fulfilled.
How does she make it all work? HV Parent has the inside scoop!

HVP: What are the biggest challenges of having your own creative business?
Kit: It's not easy to put yourself out there creatively. I had to learn that a critique of something I made is not a critique of who I am. It's hard wearing all the hats. I have to be a designer, maker, record keeper, publicist, advocate and about 12 other things!

HVP: What is the biggest reward of owning your own business? 
K: Having this business lets me share with others. I love seeing someone wear something I made out in the wild! I feel proud and accomplished of my business and look forward to learning, and continuously getting better at what I do.

HVP: How do you balance work and family? 
K: My husband and I both value family time and try to avoid working when everyone is home, but it isn't always possible. Be fully present in the time you do spend with your family and friends, and then don't feel guilty about needing to go into your studio, closing the door behind you and not coming out for a while.

HVP: How did plans for your business change after you had your child?
K: My daughter motivates me even more. I want her to see me doing something I am proud of.

HVP: What is one misconception you had when you started your business about how you would make it all work? 
K: When my daughter was young, I mistakenly thought I would get so much work done while she was napping. I learned the hard way that having a fixed amount of work time is completely different than working without knowing how much time you are actually going to get. 

HVP: What is your top tip for moms who want to start their own business? 
K: Seek out other people like you and use them as motivation. When I was setting up my first online shop, I was part of a group of creative women that wanted to do the same thing. Being around other artists helped me keep my creativity flowing. It opens you up to new ideas and possibilities.

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