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Boss Lady with Katie (Wilson) Johnston

Katie (Wilson) Johnston grows her financial business, Nourish Wealth Management

Boss Lady with Katie Wilson Johnston

With 10 years of financial planning experience, Katie (Wilson) Johnston of West Saugerties established Nourish Wealth Management,, in 2017. Here, the business owner and mother of two shares her inspired vision for her company and family.    

HVP: Why Nourish Wealth Management?
Katie: Nourish, then and still increasingly now, is often used in the wellness industry and is synonymous with the diligence and care with which I strive to serve my clients in identifying their goals, living their lives, managing their savings, and creating their future.

HVP: How did you establish NWM while raising kids?
Katie: Our broker/dealer Commonwealth provided a seamless transition through financing options for a buyout from my previous firm. The tools I was accustomed to using were still available to me, so my transition was largely business as usual. 

HVP: At first, you ran NWM from home, which saved costs as you adjusted to overhead fees. How did that work?
Katie: I met with clients in their homes or at a colleague's office space, if necessary, until I found the right rental in Uptown Kingston in January 2018.

HVP: How has owning a business been different from what you'd imagined?
Katie: One benefit I miss tremendously is the access to several staff members I previously had. It is my philosophy to compensate the right employee handsomely, which will take time to find and afford. 

HVP: What do you most enjoy of business ownership?
Katie: There are so many great rewards to entrepreneurship; the ability to develop and refine the client experience, the flexibility to manage my business around my family, and unlimited future growth potential.  

HVP:  What affect has owning and operating NWM had on your parenting?
Katie: While flexibility is great, both self-employment and being a mother are full time jobs alone, so I have to watch the balance and reprioritize often. 

HVP: What should moms who want to start a business keep in mind?
Katie: Self-doubt has no place on the path to success - patience and a plan helps. Identify what you need and ask for help (from your partners, family, community, consultants). So often we spend time saving money, which is helpful and necessary particularly in a young business, but I've also learned the power in spending money to save time.

Nourish Wealth Management is located at 291 Wall Street 2nd Floor, Kingston, NY 12401, 845.802.0070. Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. 

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