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Look mom, I blew up a rocket launcher!

Young Scientists in the Making

Dr. Jeff Kidder, a zoologist and director of education at Black Rock Forest says he is a kid at heart. He recalls trading in his bicycle for a toad when he was young, “My parents weren’t pleased and they made me get my bicycle back."

“Most kids love nature, event those who live in a city,” says Kidder.

“It looks like lots of things are going on at Black Rock Forest,” says Hudson Valley Parent Publisher Terrie Goldstein. “I’m sorry my grandkids are not old enough to participate.”

Tips for starting a garden with your kids!

Black Rock Forest has recruited true scientists who are young and passionate about what they do. Kids will be apprenticed to these graduate students who come from some of the best universities. They will be doing real science in the natural world with some of the best from NYU and Columbia.

One program will integrate nature and art. Black Rock Forest is working with Victoria at the Storm King Art Center. They have a doctoral student who is a conservation biologist and landscape architect. She is also an artist by the name of Hara Waltz. They will develop their observation techniques learning about nature and sculpture. And they will journal about their experiences.

Are you raising an independent kid?

Programs are for middle school 7th to 9th grade, and high school and older from 10th grade to college.

It is both a day program and a sleep-away. They have a lodge for accommodations.

One of their programs will take the kids to Sea Horse Key in Florida, a marine laboratory.