Do you think your birth order has affected your personality?

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We asked moms: Do you think your birth order has affected your personality? Here is what they said!

"Yes, I'm the oldest and I was constantly told I had to be responsible, the example. I distinctly remember being told upon the birth of my sister that I was no longer a baby (I was only 2.5). My parents were harder on me than they were on my two siblings. I had higher expectations. Add in my mom dying when I was a teen. Yep, absolutely." - Mary Ann M.

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"Yes, for sure. I am the oldest child and I have had to be responsible for my siblings and I was held to a higher standard with grades, and behavior. I have always been the 'fixer' in my family; taking care of things and solving problems, being a shoulder to cry on and that has continued even to the present day. My siblings were allowed more freedom and had a lot less "up-close" parenting than I had." - Christina G.

"I am the middle child, and after reading some attributes of middle children, I would say that it fits me. I am a team-player, great negotiator, risk taker, sociable, peace-keeper and I am loyal." - Amanda S.

"No, I was already nuts!" - Yaika G.

"Yes! I am the oldest. I had strict rules and high expectations and I had to perform well in school. I was very focused and driven, always worked as many jobs as I could and wanted to do everything myself. My brother is seven years younger and he had very little rules and totally different expectations. We are polar opposites as adults!" - Nikki R.

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"Absolutely!" - Erin M.

"Middle kids are ignored a lot so being alone is no biggie." - Danni R.

"I'm the baby. Yep- I fit the bill!" - Sara H.

"Yep! And now I see it with my girls. The last born is as flippant and as risk taking as I was." - Tina B.

"I'm the baby and I definitely took advantage of being the baby. Going away to college forced me to be independent. Before that, I always did whatever my older sister did." - Kerry A.

"Yes, I have middle child syndrome." - Mary F.

"Absolutely. I'm the oldest and a girl to boot! I'm the responsible, 'with it,' unemotional and dependable one, whether I feel like it or not. I had to figure it all out on my own. My siblings had it easy!" - Amy N.

"Definitely. I am the oldest and I was the boss then and I'm still the boss." - LeeAnn M.