Birth Month Can Maybe Determine Your Child's Career

Will your child be a politician? If they were born in May

This is a just for fun story for Hudson Valley parents.  According to a study done in the UK, what your child chooses as their career can be directly related to their birth month.  A study for the UK Office for National Statistics analyzed 19 professions to see if birth months had any affect, and they found that, statistically, there was something to it.  If you're hoping your child becomes a star football player, but they haven't been born in the month of September, well, you'll get over it.

We have some great birthday tips for when that special day comes around.

Here are the months of the year and their respective professions.  How truly reliable this is for your own family remains to be seen. It's just for fun.  (Not sure if we're liking the month of November...yikes!)

January - debt collector
February - artists and traffic wardens
March - pilots and musicians
April - dictators
May - politicians
June - chief executives
July - bricklayers and train drivers
August - more bricklayers and train drivers
September - athletes
October - no career listed, but they do note that people born in this month typically live the longest
November - serial killers
December - dentists