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Calling all birdwatchers

Check out Birdability which promotes birding for everyone

Birding is for everyone with Birdability

See what the NYS DEC has to say about this inclusive group for lovers of birdwatching.

Birdability is a nonprofit group that advocates and promotes a welcoming, safe, and inclusive atmosphere in the birding community for people of all abilities. Their vision is “birding truly is for everybody and every body, regardless of disability or other health concerns.” There are many resources on the site, including a Birdability map, documents to facilitate inclusion, including information on welcoming and inclusive birders, adaptive birding equipment information, and even upcoming event listings

Two resources available in the “More Resources” section worth further reading are Mindful Birding (great to use with students) and Racism in Birding (provides understanding about issues people experience and promotes diversity).

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You can help Birdability work towards a welcoming and inclusive birding community and the outdoors by:
  • Learning what features make up an actually accessible trail?;

  • Contributing birding locations to the Birdability Map (a crowd-sourced map of accessible birding locations, with details of the accessibility features of them);

  • Reading about ideas for you to be a more welcoming and inclusive birder;

  • Learning about the things that inclusive organizations do, and sharing this resource with any organizations you're involved with;

  • Signing up to receive the Birdability newsletter to keep up to date with new resources, events and more;

  • Following Birdability on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and 

  • Donating if you’re able and would like to support our work.
Learn more on Birdability's website

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