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2020 Biggest Smile Winners

Meet the winners of our contest


Congratulations! Moms talk about their kid's great smiles.

AUSTIN, 2 years

Mom is Ashlee from Hyde Park

Austin is a cautious but curious toddler who loves to put his hands to work figuring things out. He is full of love and crazy facial expressions that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Happy Birthday Austin, whose third birthday is in late April.


WILL & CHARLES, 3 years

Mom is Rasheena from Wappinger's Falls

Charlie and Will are our little comedians, always imitating family and making their friends laugh. Charlie and Will love any and all things to do with automobiles. Their favorite pastime is playing cars all over the living room floor. Happy Birthday to the twins also! They just turned 4 years old.


WILLIAM, 5 years

Mom is Shari from Wappingers

William has a huge heart to match his big smile. He is full of energy and loves to ride his bike, read books, pretend to be a superhero, watch Paw Patrol and play outside with his sister and brother.

Thank you to our sponsors and all who entered and voted for all these great kids.