Best of Kid Friendly Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

Family fun while eating out

Whether you're taking the kids out for a quick snack or a full blown meal, dining out can be a very enjoyable experience. However, it can be difficult to find menus that your entire family can delight in. For example: the restaurant you have chosen may not have a children's menu or may not provide high chairs.

Never fear, we've got you covered! The restaurants on the following list are family-friendly and welcome children of all ages.

Dutchess County

Amore Pizzeria

3 Maggiacomo Ln., Pleasant Valley; 845-635-5555

Kids Perks: Kids meals are $5.99.

Coppola's Italian American Bistro

4167 Rte. 9, Hyde Park; 845-229-9113

Kids Perks: Kid's meals are $9-$10 and include a drink and ice cream. Coppola also offers crayons so kids can create a master piece while waiting for food. Perhaps the best thing about Coppola's is the fact that every staff member is trained to work with adults and children on the autism spectrum. What's more, a portion of all bottled sauce sales go to Autism Speaks. 

Cosimo's Brick Oven: Poughkeepsie
120 Delafield St., Poughkeepsie; 845-485-7172
Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $6.95-$8.95 and include a drink. Your budding artist is sure to love the coloring book and crayons they'll receive at the table. 

Daily Planet
1202 Route 55, Lagrangeville; 845-452-0110

Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $4.95- $15.95 including grilled sirloin and salmon. Add a milkshake or smoothie to wash it down and a scoop of ice cream to complete the meal.

Double O Grill

1536 Route 9, Wappingers Falls; 845-297-7625

Kids Perks: Kids meals are only $2 on Tuesdays plus join the clean plate club and get a kid's sundae for only $1.99. 

Hurricane Grill and Wings

9 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie; 845-243-2222

Kids Perks: Kids eat free on Tuesdays for dine-in only. Fun, laid back beach atmosphere makes for a family- friendly meal.


2550 South Rd., Poughkeepsie; 845-462-1792

Kids meals range from $5-$7. Other locations in Newburgh, Middletown and Mohegan Lake.

Longobardi Restaurant
1574 Rte. 9, Wappingers Falls; 845-297-1498

Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $9.00 to $14.00 and include a large variety of gluten-free options. Each child is equipped with a coloring page and crayons to keep them busy while they wait to chow down. Longobardi's also holds holiday themed parties for children throughout the year.

194 Washington St. Poughkeepsie; 845-473-1576
Kids Perks: Family friendly dishes made from scratch. Kids meals come in fun cars and range between $5 and $10.

1576 Rte. 9, Wappingers Falls; 845-296-1575, Newburgh; 845-566-4045, Middletown; 845-692-9566
Kids Prices: Kids meals range from $3.99 to $4.99. Kids nights every Wednesday from 4-10pm. Kids eat free with a paying adult.

Red Hook Diner
7329 S. Broadway, Red Hook; 845-758-5000
Kids Perks: Kids meals are just $6.95. Kids are equipped with crayons and coloring paper to keep them busy until the food arrives. 

588 Route 9, Fishkill; 845-765-8401
Kids Perks: Kids get their meals served in a little car plus crayons and coloring place mats. Kids meals range from $5-$10.

Red Robin
2511 South Rd., Poughkeepsie; 845-463-3610
Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $5-$6. Crayons, coloring pages, and balloons are always up for grabs. Bring your child in on her birthday for a free ice cream sundae! 

Shadows on the Hudson
176 Rinaldi Blvd., Poughkeepsie; 845-486-9500
Kids Perks: Kids meals are $11.99

2519 South Rd., Poughkeepsie; 845-849-2839
Kids Perks: Kids get their meals served in a little car plus crayons and coloring place mats. Kids meals range from $5-$10.

Orange County

Alexis Diner
5023 Rte. 9W, Newburgh; 845-565-1400
Kids Perks: Alexis Diner has a large kids menu that includes free ice cream or jello with each selection. Coloring kits available for budding young artists. Kids meal prices range from $5.45 to $7.95.

Billy Joe's Ribworks
26 Front St., Newburgh; 845-565-1560
Kids Perks: Billy Joe's holds themed parties for kids with face painting, clowns, entertainment and more! Every Sunday kids eat for $1.99. Check website for upcoming kids party details.

What our readers are saying: “Definitely Billy Joe’s in Newburgh. Sundays are kid days — $1.99 meals and free face painting and most of the time live music for the kids to dance around.” — Kristin Lilla

Blue Finn Grill and Sushi
157 Dolson Ave., Middletown; 845-342-5542
Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $5 to $8.

88 Dunning Rd., Middletown; 845-343-5221
Kid Perks: Kids eat free on weekends. Crayons and family- friendly programming on the tv screens. Freshmade hamburgers, wraps, kids meals, salads and more.

Capri Restaurant and Pizzeria
359 Windsor Highway, New Windsor; 845-562-2170
Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $7.95-$13.95.

Captain Jake's
40 Front St., Newburgh; 845-565-3939
Kids Perks: Your children are sure to love the delicious kids menu selections. From macaroni & cheese to chicken tenders, Captain Jake's has something every picky eater will love. Children can color while they wait for dinner to be served. Kids meals are just $7.95.

The Captain's Table
547 Rte. 17M, Monroe; 845-783-0209
Kids Perks: The Captain's Table has brought the beach to the Valley! Kids can enjoy a delicious selection from the kids menu (all kids meals are just $7.95), and then they're free to build sand castles in the 1/3-acre sand beach beside the outdoor dining area. 

What our readers are saying: “Captain’s Table in Monroe. A giant sand box with every toy truck and sand toy you can imagine.” — Carrie Regan

Cosimo's Brick Oven: Middletown
620 Rte. 211 East, Middletown; 845-692-3242
Kids Perks: Have a ball drawing pizza themed cartoons while waiting for your pie. Kids meals range from $7 to $10.

Cosimo's Brick Oven: Woodbury
100 State Rte. 32, Central Valley; 845-928-5222
Kids Perks: Let your child's inner Picasso loose during your trip to Cosimo's in Woodbury. Crayons and coloring sheets provided. Kids meals range from $6.95 to $7.95 and include a soft drink.

1283 Rt. 300, Newburgh; 845-564-6470 and 411 Route 211 E, Middletown; 845-343-4841
Kids eat free on Tuesdays from 4-10pm.

Franico's Pizzeria
25 Elm St., Warwick; 845-986-8000
Kids Perks: Kids meals are just $5 and include crayons and coloring sheets to keep the little ones busy until your pie arrives. 

44 Route 17k, Newburgh; 845-569-4467 or 155 Dolson Ave., Middletown; 845-343-0880
Kids meals range from $5-$7. Other locations in Poughkeepsie.

Jon Angelo's Pizzeria
244 W. Main St., Goshen; 845-294-3393
Kids Perks: Kids meals are just $5.75.

Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant
301 Broadway, Newburgh; 845-562-6478
Kids Perks: Kids meals are just $8.

Pizza Mia
50 NY-17K, Newburgh; 845-561-1400; 3650 US Hwy., 9W, Highland; 845-691-4545, 176 Windsor Hwy., New Windsor; 845-563-9100
Kids Perks: Let the kids play while you chow down. Pizza Mia is equipped with a children's play space that includes toys for sharing and a television.

What our readers are saying: “Pizza Mia in New Windsor has a TV, a Little Tikes kitchen loaded with stuff, and a little table and chair for kids to eat at. It’s very kid-friendly.” — Sheree Pinto

Orange County Choppers Cafe

14 Crossroads Ct., Newburgh; 845-245-3043
Kids Perks: No need to contain your child's excitement when they enter OCC Cafe. Chow down on some delicious grub, then head over to the bowling lanes or concert stage for some live music!  Kids eat free every Monday after 4pm and bowl free too!

Uno's Chicago Pizzeria & Grill
20 Centre Dr., Central Valley; 845-783-6560
Kids Perks: Kids eat free on Tuesdays with the purchase of an adult meal. Kids meals range from $4.49-$6 the rest of the week.

What our readers are saying: “My kids love Uno’s in Central Valley! They especially love playing the roll of Pizza Chef!” — Kristin Milliken

1297 Rte. 300, Newburgh; 845-564-3848
Kids Perks: Kids meals range from $2.50 to $7.95.

Sullivan County

Quickway Diner.
68 Rte. 17K, Bloomingburg; 845-733-1012
Kids Perks: Friendly atmosphere, specials starting at $4.99 and a delicious ice cream stand right next door!

Ulster County

99 Restaurant
53 Massa Dr., Kingston; 845-336-4399
Kids Perks: Kids meals start at $5 and include crayons and coloring pages.

The Bakery
13 N. Front St., New Paltz; 845-255-8840
Kids Perks: The Bakery has an upstairs play area filled with toys. Parents and children alike will enjoy the Bakery's bagels, croissants, rugulah, and butter cookies.

Dutch Ale House
253 Main St., Saugerties; 845-247-2337
Kids Perks: Kids eat for just $5.50 and will love the activity place mats.

The Egg's Nest Restaurant
1300 State Rte. 213, High Falls; 845-687-7255
Kids Perks: Kids meals start at $7 every day.

Frida's Bakery & Cafe

26 Main St., Milton; 845-795-5550
Kids Perks: Frida's has a large play space for kids to enjoy upstairs. They also have delicious kids meals and various other kid-friendly promotions throughout the year.

Friends and Family II Hillside Restaurant
4802 US 209, Accord; 845-626-7777
Kids Perks: Kids meals start at $7.

Gunk Haus
387 South St., Highland; 845-883-0866
Kids Perks: During the warmer months, the Gunk Haus' outdoor seating area is perfect for kids who love nature! Games are also provided for kids to play while parents talk over coffee.

What our readers are saying: “The Gunk Haus in Clintondale is our favorite! They have great food, a gorgeous deck and great indoor seating, too! They have games for the kids and the best spaetzle mac n cheese ever!” — Whitney Burns

Hickory BBQ and Smokehouse
743 Rte. 28, Kingston; 845-338-2424
Kids Perks: Hickory BBQ's outdoor dining area is the perfect spot for a mid-summer family meal. Kids meals start at $7.50 and include
a scoop of ice cream.

The High Falls Cafe
12 Stone Dock Rd., High Falls; 845-687-2699
Kids Perks: All kids meals start at $5. Kids breakfast options include a drink and fruit; Lunch includes a drink and cookie.

Main Street Bistro
59 Main St., New Paltz; 845-255-7766
Kids Perks: No need to shush the kids at Main Street Bistro... the noiseis good for the kids. Kids meals start at just $5.

84 Main St., New Paltz; 845-256-9289
Kids Perks: Kids can dig through McGillicuddy's treasure chest to find a goodie to take home. Children also eat free on Wednesdays with a paying adult. Kids meals start at just $5.95.

What our readers are saying: “McGillicuddy’s in New Paltz. Every Wednesday, children eat free with an adult purchase if you mention it’s for the New Paltz PTA. They also get crayons and treasure chest of goodies.” — Paula Lynn Ronk

Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant
3123 US 44, Gardiner; 845-255-9766
Kids Perks: There's never a shortage of toys for your children to play with at Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant. Children eat for $3-$6.

What our readers are saying:
“Mountain Brau House in New Paltz has great kids toys for them to play with, including wiki sticks. Their menu has real food for kids, not just processed chicken nuggets.” — Carrie Burns

Mudd Puddle Coffee Roasters & Cafe
10 Main St. #312, New Paltz; 845-255-3436
Kids Perks: Kids can frolic around the screened in porch and draw on the chalk board while mom enjoys a nice cup o'joe.

P&G's Restaurant
91 Main St., New Paltz; 845-255-6161
Kids Perks: P&G's Restaurant welcomes all families and have crayons and coloring sheets for the kids. Kids menu items start at $3.95-$5.95.

What our readers are saying: “P & G’s in New Paltz has crayons and kids place mats to color, plus they are always tolerant of our kids yelling or running around when they are being bad! It's our go-to place when we take the kids out.” — Keri Dier

Savona's Trattoria
11 Broadway, Kingston; 845-339-6800
Kids Perks: Parents and kids alike will love dining at Savona's Trattoria. Kids can color while waiting for their kids meal. Don't forget the ice cream afterwards! Kids meals start at $7.

The Village Tearoom Restaurant and Bake Shop
10 Plattekill Ave, New Paltz; 845-255-3434
Kids Perks: This unique gathering place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner known for utilizing locally sources, organic foods and their tantalizing desserts, cakes and cookies. Kid's menu includes a precious children's afternoon tea and fully organic menu starting at $4.

Updated October 15, 2018

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