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Get a Bendy Back

Shoulder Opener and Quad Stretch

We all experience back stiffness from time to time, and we look for ways to feel better. The best way to feel great is to prevent stiffness from occurring. Keeping your back and your body limber and flexible only takes a few minutes a day.

One-Leg Bow Pose increases the range of motion in your spine while providing a deep stretch in the shoulders and fronts of the legs. You'll also improve your balance.

This pose may seem difficult at first. It's okay ff you're not able to grasp your ankle. Just keep lifting your foot and hand in the air or use a yoga strap or scarf to loop around the foot. At first, don't overdo the stretch. If you haven't been doing back bends it may take time time to develop flexibility. Breathe deeply throughout the move, and keep at it!

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