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Believe in yourself

Some great advice from Peter Shankman

Believe in yourself

So about three times a week, my daughter and I either walk or scooter to school. This morning we were walking, and as we usually do, we were singing together along the walk. (We used to dance-walk, but apparently my dancing has become too embarrassing for her, so now we just sing.)

Anyhow, we were singing songs from "The Greatest Showman," and when we finished the opening number "The Greatest Show," she asked me how P.T. Barnum knew it was the greatest show and how he could just come out and say that. "What if other people didn't think it was the greatest show," she asked.

I looked at her and simply said, "Well, he believed it was, and that's the story he told."

The point I was trying to make to her was this: If you believe you can, you can.

I remember my first Ironman Triathlon. I was on the bike, facing a horrible headwind, and in my mind, I was planning out what I'd say when I ran out of time and didn't finish the bike course before it ended. Of course, I wound up finishing the bike course with 2 hours to spare, and wasted all that time thinking when I should have just believed in myself and my pedaling.

More often than not, we fail because we didn't believe in ourselves and our ideas as much as we could have.

Have some faith in yourself today. I promise you, you're doing better than you think.

Have a great rest of your week - And hey - Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, and you're here, kicking ass. That's pretty epic!

Much love,


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Peter Shankman is an entrepreneur, an author and a trainer living in New York City. He is a stay at home dad as well.

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