Beat The Winter Birthday Blues With this Creative Party Idea

Fun, unique and crafty theme for your child's next birthday party.

Celebrating winter birthdays can be a challenge. It is expensive to rent a place if you do not want to have a party in your home. And if you do host a party in your home to save money, it can be extra work to clean and create kid friendly activities. At least in the summer months you can toss the kids outside and let them run wild through the sprinklers.

I am not a good party planner. I get overwhelmed by themes and run out of time to finish all my DIY ideas. This year when my kids requested a party at popular build your own stuffed animal store I was tempted to say yes because it felt like less planning. Except the price tag and the fact that our guests would have to travel 45 minutes to meet us made that option unlikely. Until….

I heard about the Creation Station through The Character Closet. The Character Closet rents out popular costumed character actors for parties and special occasions. They also have a bunch of additional party add-ons like a build your own stuffed animal party, custom invitations, cookies, cakes and goody bags (they stuff them all for you).  The creation station was an easy and affordable option for us. And the beauty of it all is that they traveled to my location!

Courtney was our party contact and when she arrived, she brought everything our guests needed to stuff their own lovable furever friend. She did all the work setting up and cleaning up, showing kids how to stuff their pets and even provided an adoption certificate, a color your own t-shirt for each pet and a drawstring back pack to take it all home in.

I know how much my kids love animals, so I added a couple of extra stations for fun. Our guests enjoyed grooming their pets, dressing them with a new name collar and posing for a photo op. We spent the first hour of the party as a group stuffing and creating our pets. Then each kid moved on to the station of their choice. Courtney had a second adoption station where the kids named their pets and received their adoption passports.

I am impressed by the selection of pets, the quality of the materials and how much is included in the price per child. Courtney also provides individual attention and is a natural with kids.  We had a variety of animals to choose from: cats, dogs, a unicorn, a sloth, reindeer and more. But you can easily create a theme around a specific animal or type of animals like dinosaurs, zoo animals, or sea creatures. Whatever your kids’ favorite animal is you can have a party for it.

The kids had a blast and the parents were thankful to not be overwhelmed by a store full of merchandise. I was impressed because I didn’t have to do too much planning and the party came to me. The kids spent most of the party being creative and having fun with a project they could be proud of.

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