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Simple Move for Back Health

Back Stretch on the Ball

Low back pain and tightness are among the chief complaints I hear in class. Although we perform moves to stretch and strengthen the entire back, none of them open the back as well as this ball move. Because the ball is round, it allows the back to open outward as we lie over it. As you gently move around, various parts of the spine expand and flex, much like a slinky. In this way, the ball is superior to the floor for stretching.

Let the your body completely relax on the ball. Allow your legs to dangle off the end. The weight of your lower body and legs pulls on your spine and creates a traction effect that increases circulation in the spine and encourages much-needed blood flow into the intervertebral discs. As your head gently hangs, the vertebrae in in your neck are able to decompress. 

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