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Is your teen using dangerous apps?

What to look for on your kids' phones

Check your teens phone for dangerous apps

In this ever changing world of technology, the hot apps your kids are using can change every day. As a parent, it is important to keep up with changing technology so you can be aware of any dangers your kids may face because of them.

Teens misuse of these apps or use of apps they shouldn’t have access to could lead to bullying and other dangers.

Here are a few apps that kids and teens may use that could potentially be unsafe:

Omegle and Chat roulette are free online video and text chat sites. Teens can connect with strangers and share information that could put them in danger.  On Omegle, teens are paired with a conversational partner based on shared interests that must be put into the app. Chat roulette uses random pairing.

Whisper is an app where people anonymously share secrets. The app is based on GPS location so your child’s “secrets” will be shared with anyone within a certain radius.

Down is an app for those looking to hook up. It was originally called Bang with Friends. Teens can download the app for free and connect with users in their area.

Kik and Text Now and Text Free are apps that kids can download and use to communicate even if they don’t have a cell phone. The apps can be downloaded onto iPods, iPads, computers and other devices and be used to send messages to others, even if they don't have the app.

Don’t see any of these apps on your child’s cell phone? They could be using a hider app. Hider apps are apps where photos, messages and other apps can be hidden and disguised as calculators, music or other innocent apps. Vaulty is a specific app for Android phones that will take a picture of anyone trying to enter the password.

Having open communication with your teen is important. If you suspect that they are using an app in a negative way or may be getting bullied through one of these apps, sit them down and talk.

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