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Back to School Survival Guide

All the best back to school tips, tricks and advice from the experts

Back to School Survival Guide

It's back to school time. Find everything you need to know to get your child classroom ready from setting them up at home for success to finding the right programs and everything in between. Hudson Valley Parent has you covered.

Supporting your teens' physical and mental health so she or he can do their best at school is essential and often paves their way for future successes in college or in the workplace.

10 Tips for making back to school stress free

1. Clean and de-clutter
2. Keep one calendar
3. Mark your student planner/ Make a to-do list
4. Gather materials
5. Assess school wardrobe needs
6. Check your paperwork & required immunizations
7. Get into bedtime routine
8. Have a practice school day
9. Keep your cool
10. Take time to enjoy the new school year

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