Back to School Survival Guide

All the best back to school tips, tricks and advice from the experts

Back to School Survival Guide
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This month as the days get shorter and summer comes to end we can’t help but think about heading back to school soon. Some children (and parents too!) are eager about the start of a new school year. The change from lazy, unstructured summer days to the structured and scheduled school day may seem exciting to many.

Whether your child is entering a new grade, school or starting for the first time you both may feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious about the transition. We are here for you! Hudson Valley Parent has teamed up with some great local businesses this year to offer advice, save you money and get organized.

Below you will find a list of our best advice and download your FREE survival guide too!

Don't Stress!
10 Tips for making back to school stress free
1. Clean and de-clutter
2. Keep 1 calendar
3. Mark your student planner/ Make a to-do list
4. Gather materials
5. Assess school wardrobe needs
6. Check your paperwork & required immunizations
7. Get into bedtime routine
8. Have a practice school day
9. Keep your cool
10. Take time to enjoy the new school year

Teachers, school nurses and daycare provides work hard to keep track of special need and make accommodations, but ultimately, a child must be properly educated to protect himself. READ THE FULL STORY.

When a child dislikes a teacher- or feels disliked by one- school becomes a daily struggle. Fortunately, teacher-student traumas are often highly fixable and there are many ways to smooth the bumps for a better school year. READ THE FULL STORY.

Worries about school bullying? You should be. According to a 2013 report by the National Center for Educational Statistics, more than one in four children report being bullied during the school year. There is so much we can do. READ THE FULL STORY.

"The key to changing a child's perception and reducing the anxiety of an upcoming event is to begin the process early!" -6 Tips for getting your child ready to head back to school anxiety free!

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