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5 social groups for homeschoolers

Connect with families in your area

So, you have made the decision to homeschool your child and now you are looking for a supportive social group for you and your little one. We have gathered some local social groups for homeschoolers and their parents.

1. Hudson Valley Homeschoolers. Click HERE to connect with members of this group.
Everything Homeschooling in New York's Hudson Valley!

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2. Rivertown Homeschoolers Cooperative. Beacon, NY. Click HERE to connect with members of this group.

The Rivertown Homeschoolers Cooperative (RHC) is a family centered and inclusive homeschooling group for families in Dutchess County. They seek to build a strong web of connections between students and their parents. There are classes led by co-op members and teachers as well as a variety of activities that students can choose to participate in when they are not taking classes. Students within this cooperative are between the ages of 5-18. Contact info@rivertownhomeschoolers.org for more information.

3. 3 Rivers Homeschool Co-op. Stone Ridge, NY. Click HERE to learn more about this group.

3 Rivers is a multi-aged educational and social homeschool co-op. They have three age groups: under 6, 6-9, and 10+. To learn more about sessions and meeting times, contact Willow Shamson at Willow42@gmail.com.

4. Sullivan County Homeschooling Association.
Click HERE to learn more about this group.

This group is an inclusive group that provides community based educational and social activities for students and networking opportunities for their families. Members are encouraged to organize events. For more information, contact Vikki Siciliano at 845-985-2976.

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5. Homeschoolers-on-the-Hudson. Poughkeepsie, NY. Click HERE to connect with members of this group.

This group is a homeschooling group that meets every Monday in Poughkeepsie, NY. They have classes and meetups for students and their families. This is a non-profit, inclusive group. For more information, please email hothinfo@gmail.com.