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5 ways to nix cyber bullies

Make sure your child is protected online

In today's digital age, cyberbullying has become a serious issue. Children spend much of their time online, connected through social media. Follow these tips to make sure your child is not a victim of cyberbullying and is protected online.

1. Monitor their online usage.
It is important to respect privacy, but it should also be a red flag if it seems like your child is hiding something about their online usage. Insist that screen time happen in a family space like the living room. Also, get to know about the sites your child uses most. Learn how they work and about what your child’s profile looks like.

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2. Know who their friends are.
Get to know who your child is talking to online. Insist that your child only talks to people they know online. Anonymity is one of the ways cyberbullying remains rampant.

3. Keep communication open.
If your child is being bullied online, they may be embarrassed about this. Initiate talks about online safety with your child often and remind them that things like this are not their fault. Make your home a safe place where your child can share online struggles.

4. Encourage less screen time.
If you suspect your child is being bullied online, limit their screen time. Get them off of the computer and out with friends in real life. Take a look at their profiles to make sure everything is going right.

5. Help them understand what cyberbullying is.
Many children ignore cyberbullying until it is too late. Teach your child to recognize the signs and to take action. Help them to understand the seriousness of bullying and encourage them to share negative online interactions with you. If you stop your child from being bullied, more children could also benefit.

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