Take the stress out of hiring a babysitter

Qualities and skills to look for before you hire

how to hire a babysitter in the hudson valley

Hiring a new babysitter can be stressful, and turning down potential applicants can make you feel guilty, but not trusting the person responsible for your children when you're gone can give you anxiety! The process of finding the babysitter does not have to be all negative. Look for these seven qualities in your next possible hire so you aren't driving yourself crazy when you leave the kids with someone new! 

1. Dependability. Do they arrive on time? Do they have a reliable car or other means of transportation? No one wants to get dolled up for a night out only to find out the sitter cannot make it on time.

2. Friendly. Does your sitter have a good connection with your kids? Does she truly enjoy being with your children?

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3. Responsibility. Is your sitter paying full attention to the kids? Is her cell phone tucked away? It’s important to select a responsible sitter so you’re less likely to worry while you’re out of the house.

4. CPR and First Aid Certified. Accidents are bound to happen. You need a sitter that can take action quickly. This isn’t a “must have,” but it is definitely a plus!

5. Previous experience. Are first time babysitters a risk you want to take? Experienced sitters are apt to take swift action during emergencies.

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6. Creativity. Whether she’s inventing wacky games to play the kids or thinking up festive meals, your sitter should be creative enough to keep the kids entertained for hours!

7. Patience. When dealing with needy children, patience is of the utmost importance.