Little Explorers need a Safety Net Too

10 tips to keep your baby safe

10 tips to keep your baby safe

1. Put floor lamps behind furniture and out of reach. Small children often mistake floor lamps and furniture for jungle gyms!

2. Remove rugs with fringes or loose threads. These strands of fabric pose a choking hazard to your child.

3. Put bumpers on table corners. Children love using tables to help them stand, but the sharp edges spell trouble for a wobbly tot.

4. Unplug small appliances. Keep cords wound up away from counter edges. Dangling wires scream, “pull me, pull me!”

5. Latch the dishwasher door. Chemical residue breeds here. Keep the door latched tightly so little hands cannot get inside.

Babyproof your home like a pro!

6. Hide houseplants from curious kids. Several common house plants can be poisonous if ingested.

7. Use grip and twist childproof doorknobs. Put these on bathroom doors to keep them off limits to children. Bathrooms are extremely hazardous, from the medicine cabinet to running water.

8. Keep windows closed. If windows must be opened, open no more than four inches.

9. Anchor furniture. Anchoring will prevent furniture from toppling down onto your baby.

10. Post emergency numbers. Keep these numbers by all the telephones and be sure to include Poison Control, your pediatrician and the hospital.