8 ridiculous baby products that seem like an April fool's day joke... and aren't!

These products are sure to make you giggle or wonder why you didn't think of that!

Happy April Fool's Day! No, these products aren't a joke though they sure do make us giggle a bit! These are 100% real, sometimes a little scary, many pretty funny and maybe a few to make you think "hey! I need that!"

1.    Zaky Infant Pillow. In those desperate moments of trying to walk away from the crib, you can't say you didn't wish you had something like this. It actually does get great reviews but you have to admit this looks a little creepy. Can already feel that heart stopping moment of glancing at the video monitor middle of the night!

2.    Why cry baby analyzer. Most moms learn to recognize the difference between your new baby's cries. But hey, if you can pay $100 for something else to tell you what's going on, we won't stop you.

3.    Baby mop. Genius or so right it's wrong? Hey if the baby is going to be down there crawling all over anyway might as well get some cleaning done. Can't imagine what happens to all that dust and grime as baby rolls over to put a sleeve in his mouth as they often do.

4.     The baby keeper. We all know that juggle of having to hover over a public toilet while holding baby high above our laps. Not to mention pulling up your pants while juggling it all. This isn't the first time we have seen this contraption but there is still something so wrong about this picture.

5.     Baby Bangs. Baby's are cute and all but the baldness is less than ideal so why not utilize the baby toupee and make sure your baby girl is never mistaken for a boy again. We get it, we really do but does it really matter if people think your baby girl is a boy after all?

6.     Ride on vacuum. Another genius cleaning product that both entertains the kids while getting the job done. Great theory but something about putting a small child on top of a powerful sucking machine just seems off to us. 

7.     Walk up toddler changing table. If they are making diaper changes this easy, why bother potty training at all?

8.     Baby no bumps. So much can go wrong as little ones learn to walk. Since you can't actually put them into a bubble, wrapping their head in one is certainly the next best thing!

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