We've rounded up the best in Parenting Trends

Make your family insta-famous!
If you're a fan of Instagram stories, these quick tricks can up your game ... especially when it comes to your first-day-of-school stories! Click here to see how you can take your instagram from drab to fab.

Get your kid's creative juices flowing
In today’s modern world it is easy to lose sight of nurturing our kid’s creativity. Outside of coloring pages and art classes at school, and maybe a piano class we aren’t thinking too much beyond the basics. Luckily, the Whatever Mom is here to save our child's creative flow! Click here to read her tips on fostering creativity.

Reducing Barrier Stims
If your child has special needs, you know that Stims (self-stimulating behaviors) can create barriers to learning. Through Early Intervention, our newest mommy blogger, Rielly, has learned a lot of techniques that have helped reduce barrier stims while giving her son, Simon, more appropriate activities to address his sensory needs. Click here to see what tips and tools she has to share!

Pony Party!
At first glance you may be thinking, no way can I take my kids to a farm. They'd terrorize the animals! Well, think again! Our favorite places to go correspondent, Katie Angel has the low-down on making your next trip to Tilly Foster Farm kid-friendly. Click here to start planning your trip.

Is your teen lazy or growing?
The two greatest growth spurts in a person's life occur during the first few years and again at puberty. If infants need extra sleep to meet the demands of their rapidly growing bodies, it stands to reason that teenagers would also require extra rest. But our adolescents' sleep is being shortchanged by early school start times. Click here to see what one local school district is doing to change that!