We've rounded up the best in health and wellness

Carbs are not the enemy!
Humans need carbohydrates. Our bodies burn carbs as energy. When we increase our protein or fat intake and restrict our carbohydrate intake, our bodies start using proteins and fats to supply energy. This causes an accumulation of toxic substances to build up in our bodies. Click here to read what Dr. Padma Garvey of CareMount Medical has to say about being carb smart.

Light fare for warm days
The hot summer sun has everyone at HVParent craving lighter, healthier foods! Click here to download our staff's favorite light fare recipe cards. Don't forget to tell us about your favorite summer recipe!

Soothe sore back muscles
When your back hurts, sometimes the last thing you want to do is move. But as yoga guru, Joan Miller, explains the flowing cat/cow yoga pose helps you relax by loosening tight lower back and hip muscles while encouraging slow, steady breathing. Click here to see how it's done.

Can a plant-based diet kill cancer cells?
Years after she graduated from medical school, Dr. Padma Garvey's cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. Garvey felt helpless and scared, until she began to re-educate herself on the benefits of following a plant-based diet. Click here to see what steps Dr. Garvey is taking to prevent breast cancer.

Got Fiber?
We all know the ads for milk that show us how easy it is to get all the protein we apparently are lacking from dairy.  Now imagine if that same ad showed that a baked potato has just as much protein as a glass of milk, but no saturated fat or cholesterol, and had the tagline: Got Fiber?  Suddenly the dairy looks pretty inadequate. Click here to see if you're at risk for fiber deficiency.