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Foods that may improve ADHD symptoms

There is an ongoing debate over whether certain foods can aggravate symptoms of ADHD. Some experts advise keep your shopping cart and refrigerators loaded up with the following foods:
  • green, leafy vegetables 
  • proteins, such as lean red meats and poultry
  • unrefined sugars, such as Stevia, barley malt, agave, date sugar and rice syrup
  • whole grains
  • organic and homogenized dairy, goat’s milk
  • soy products such as tofu and tempeh
  • supplements including vitamin B complex, calcium and magnesium

In contrast, there are certain foods and other chemicals that should be restricted or avoided, if possible. These include: sugar, cheese, additives, hydrogenated oils, citrus, wheat, caffeine, salt, most candy, potato chips and other junk foods, artificial flavoring, coloring and artificial sweeteners like aspartame.