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Smart Tips for Back to School

We are gearing you up and getting you classroom ready

back to school tips
Back to school time. Find everything you need to know to get your child classroom ready from setting them up at home for success to finding the right programs and everything in between. Hudson Valley Parent has you covered.

Labor Day Weekend Events in the Hudson Valley

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Find convenient and personalized care with the great doctors at Children's Medical Group for your child's back to school physicals.

Helping you tackle your back to school shopping. The Poughkeepsie Galleria is a one-stop mecca for everything from school supplies to backpacks for school to new outfits!

Everything you need, plus the love and attention you deserve this back to school season. Dedrick's Pharmacy is your one-stop-shop for school supplies, gifts, vitamins and medications to get your family ready and keep them healthy this year.

Teens and school
Supporting your child’s physical and mental health so she or he can do their best at school is essential, and often paves their way for future successes in college or in the workplace. 

sleep and school aged children
Changing your child's schedule from summer to school time is not always easy!
Here are 7 tricks for adjusting bed time routines kids won't even notice

back to school shopping
Gearing up for back to school can be overwhelming and costly.

Meal Planning and Lunchbox Prep

Lunchbox ideas
When life is busy and kids are picky a little creativity can go a long way to packing your child's lunchbox every day.


backpacks for school
Don't let your child's backpack be a pain! Pretty colors and patterns are a thing of the past. The experts weigh in on choosing the right backpack for school.

School bus tips
What do you do when your child is afraid to take the school bus? If your child is scared, lonely or afraid of the bus or just needs some ideas for easing their anxious nerves here are some great tips!

Best educational apps
Screen time for children becomes more palatable when you know they are learning something too.
6 of the Best Apps for supporting learning at home


Taking an active role in your child's education is both incredibly difficult yet so important to their learning and school successes.

Did you know that your playroom can affect your child's success in school?

hate schoolWhat do you do if your child doesn't want to go to school?

Alternative School Resources

Butterfly unschooling
Have you ever heard of the term unschooling? Local parents break down the whats, whys and hows of unschooling your child when your adventures in public school just isn't working.

Special Needs

If you are a parent of a child with special needs you know how overwhelming sending your child off to a full day at school can be.

Tweens and Teens

teens and school
Does your child dread the long hours of the school day? Help them look forward to going to the place they spend most their time.

Kids transitioning into middle or high school can be stressful for kids and parents! Are you ready for this?

Hudson Valley Festivals and Fairs 2018

Things To Do

The best family-friendly events to get you through the last month of summer
36 events for your back to school countdown

Fun and exciting adventures throughout the Hudson Valley (and beyond)!

Find more things to do every day on the Hudson Valley Parent Calendar!

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Updated 7/26/18