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It's That Time of Year Again!

Plan ahead for the back-to-school routine

Every year, summer comes to an end and eager children return to the classroom. Back-to-school means back to a daily routine. Planning ahead helps families adjust to the new busy schedule. This school year, be prepared with the following simple back-to-school tips.

"Back-to-school is an exciting time for both parents and children. However, it can be a stressful time as well," says Patty Grenda, creator of The Family Planner (http://www.thefamilyplanner.com). "As a parent, certified teacher, and most recent title of business owner, I have learned over the years that good planning and preparation can alleviate the stress in most situations. It is my hope that the following tips will help families adjust to the upcoming school year."

Back-to-School Tips:

• Practice getting the children up early one week before school starts to aid in the transition.

• Pick a designated spot in the home for doing homework. This "homework spot" should be quiet, well lit, and contain the basic school supplies needed to complete most homework assignments.

• Try to have children do homework after school when the lessons are still fresh in their minds. Leaving homework until the evening, when children are likely to be tired, can be counterproductive.

• Since children are most content on a full stomach, offer a healthy snack before or during homework.

• Always have children put homework in their backpack when completed to avoid any missing assignments.

• Pick out school clothes the night before. Involving children in the decision-making is a great idea and will save valuable time in the morning.

• Preparing lunches the night before can also lessen the load in the morning, as well as be a fun thing for kids to do.

• Limit caffeine and sugar intake after dinner, since either can have a negative effect on some children and their ability to fall asleep.

• Reading with your children before bed is a perfect opportunity to wind down and spend quality time together while enjoying a good book.

• Use a daily planner to keep school functions and extra-curricular activities organized throughout the school year.

Visit http://www.thefamilyplanner.com to learn more about The Family Planner, a full-size daily planner starting in September with the new school year. Its sixteen month calendar is just one of the many features. The user-friendly format makes it a great organizational tool for the entire family. The Family Planner was designed to keep stress out of the home by offering a planning system that really works.