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Nine Year Old Reviews Latest Video Game Therapy

We sent a copy of the game to one of our readers, April Farley, who along with her son Christian provided us with feedback. As an avid gamer who often talks about the pros and cons of various games, Farley knew Christian was up for the challenge of reviewing Treasure Hunt.


“The layout out the game was big, bright, colorful, in 3D and was easy, yet challenging for my son to play,” says Farley. “He had to use his memory to remember what he saw and search for new words and shapes. I noticed the background stayed the same as the skill level increased. Christian liked the game, but he was looking for more feedback, like a sound saying ‘great job, you are going to the next level!’


He also wanted to play against another character, which wasn’t an option.

He found the mouse too difficult to control even for an experienced gamer. If Vision Audio Inc. could create a new mouse design with a raised right and left button it would be better for sensory control or use a joy stick control option for forward and reverse.”


“Overall Christian and I rate the game a 5 out of 10. It still needs some work, but it’s a great start. Christian and I both enjoyed reviewing this product. I would recommend the game to parents, when it has been fully revised.” You can visit to see additional feedback from other parents who have used EASe products.