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Art Projects Delivered to Your Door from Let's Make Art

Are Art Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. From food and toys to cosmetics and kids clothes, you can choose your favorite things to show up in a box at your front door every single month. But is it worth the cost of an art subscription when you have that giant bin of art supplies already waiting to be used?

For us the answer is yes, because anyone who knows my kiddos knows they are super creative. One of their most favorite art activities is painting. It doesn’t matter what they are painting, they are in love with the whole process. They are really good at just painting straight from their imaginations, but now that they are older, they are more curious about technique.

Let’s Make Art subscription kits sent us a few sample kits to try. My kids were jumping for joy when the package arrived and were very impressed by what is inside. 

Paint and paper are included, but you will need your own brushes (sold separately). The small bottles of paint had me worried that we would run out because most kids tend to get a little zealous with the squeezing part. But the notes in the box assures me we will have enough. Besides the step by step photo instructions there is an inspirational photo card to follow as a guide for color and shape. If that’s not enough, you can find further instructions on the company’s YouTube channel. We found this helpful.


What I enjoy about this kit is that it allows us to paint at our own pace, and my kids are learning some formal techniques like how to mix colors, blending and to follow a project from start to finish. Group paint parties can be a little hard for my kids because it is distracting and they can get frustrated if they aren't painting at the same pace as everyone else. Completing our water color projects in the comfort of our own home is relaxing and fun. We can pause the tutorial as needed and complete a painting over the course of week if we'd like to.

I also really like that it saves me time and money. I can't tell you how often I go into the craft store for one item and come out with 50 different items because they are on sale and I have a coupon. With a subscription everything shows up at more door saving me a trip (and from impulse shopping), and there is less waste because it has all the supplies I need to complete each project. 

I especially love the Let’s Make Art matter program that allows subscribers and non-subscribers to paint and mail a post card to a child or family in need of extra love. It may be a child going through chemo, or a family that has been struggling. Nothing lifts spirits like a thoughtful handmade gift.

I love this subscription box because it is easy to use and it’s affordable. The kits vary in price. Individual kits are $15. The paper and paints with instructional support will cost more at craft stores or private paint along parties. A monthly subscription box is $35 and includes 4 individual kits along with free tutorials and supportive instructions. That’s a months’ worth of art projects in one box. Find your project at

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