A little of this, a little of that

A note from a local mom

A note from a local mom

As soon as friends and family know that the rabbit died and you’ll soon be expecting your first bundle of joy, advice on how to feed, bathe, diaper and put baby to sleep will fly in from every direction. Sometimes, what’s offered conflicts with other advice or may even seem to go against every law of common sense.

For a first-time parent, it can be a bit overwhelming. It certainly was for me – but, eventually, we figured it out and my son managed to make it safely to adulthood without too many physical or emotional scars. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As a karate instructor, an adage my students repeat at the end of each class is this: “Discard the bad and keep the good.” We remind them that sometimes, techniques that work flawlessly for some don’t work so well for others. It happens, and it’s important that they come to terms with that and move on so they can find something that works for them.

In other words, everything ain’t for everybody – and parenting kind of works the same way.

But still, that conflicting advice can drive you batty if you let it.

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When we asked our readers about the best and worst parenting advice they ever got, the responses flooded in. And yes, the conflicting advice was pretty evident:

The best advice I ever got was not to let baby sleep in my bed with me. I know co-sleeping is a hot debate topic, but I figured my older sister wouldn’t steer me wrong. Sleepy time has always been a routine and it’s worked out so well for us. Older sister for the win! - Rochelle Gioggia

The worst advice? Don’t ever co-sleep. Co-sleeping works for my family! - Carrie Casullo

Best: Sleep when the baby sleeps. - Karen Butters Pogge

Worst: Sleep when your baby sleeps – although I couldn’t because when he did sleep all I did was stare at him and make sure he was breathing! I was a walking zombie the first two weeks! - Jenna Williams

There were also some absolute nuggets of wisdom that seriously made us Ohhh! and Ahhh! – because they were either very poignant, or flat-out hysterical:

I read something in “Dear Abby” years almost 20 years ago, and still try to live by it: On judgement day, if God should say, did you clean your house today? I will say, I did not, I played with my children, and I forgot. - Lori Ann

As long as he’s potty trained by the time he leaves for college, you’re fine.
Diane Tarabar Troeller

We had a plaque in our house that read “Pa is boss as everyone knows, but what Ma says ALWAYS goes!” - Lori Ann

Say what you really mean and really mean whatever you say! - Barbara Jean Russell

When there’s silence, there’s trouble. - Michelle Dunn-Brewer

Wait until summer to potty train so your son can run around with no pants on! True story! - Jennifer Valentino Ahearn 

Make sure you are happy. If mom’s not happy no one will be happy.
Nicole Blount

Always trust your gut instinct when parenting. - Lynn Smyth Phillips

Try everything. What works for one child may or may not work for another, but it’s worth a shot. - Cathy Lynn Keller

See... We can’t all be wrong, can we?