Healthy Kids    

Hair-Pulling Dinner Hour can Actually be Painless?

The Thumbs-up, no-yuck guide to getting your kid to be a great eater

With the number of obese children in American growing, everybody wants to know the real secrete to a healthy lifestyle. 

Luckily the answers to a healthier family are easy to find while reading Stacey Antine’s fun, engaging, and informative book, Appetite for Life: The Thumbs-Up, No Yucks Guide to Getting Your Kid to Be a Great Eater.

With over 100 healthy recipes for everyday occasions, the book teaches your family how to transform meal time conversations with the “no yucks allowed” method. The “Week-at-a-Glance-Recipe” section helps parents avoid fast food runs for dinner and teaches children the difference between natural and artificial foods and many more enlightening and effective lifestyle changes.

Appetite for Life is the perfect read that answers everyone’s questions of how to begin and most importantly, maintain, a healthy-lifestyle.

Appetite for Life offers a long-term, lifestyle shift that teaches families how to change their routines to incorporate healthy eating behaviors. Antine says, “What I’m proposing in Appetite for Life is more like a marathon than a sprint, so it requires a lot more effort, but it’s well worth it in the end.”

With its easy hands-on healthy lifestyle education, parents and children will think “I can do this!” and will be left feeling confident and eager to begin their new lifestyle. Eating healthy at a young age is the jump-start children need to develop and maintain a healthy life. Children as early as 3 years old should begin to be taught about the benefits of eating healthy as well as the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Inspired by her work with HealthBarn USA, a healthy-lifestyle education for children and their families which teaches participants healthy eating habits, such as how to grow food organically, and is proven effective in getting children to acquire healthy eating habits, Antine wrote a book that plunges into the average family‘s life and educates parents and children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We know that the healthy habits acquired at the barn need to be continued at home to be successful which is why I wrote Appetite for Life, a guide for parents to keep their kids eating healthy,” says Antine. Forcing a young child who is determined to be independent is never an easy battle, especially when it comes to food.

Instead, Antine encourages parents to “empower the child!” Teaching parents to stray away from demands such as “Eat this or else,” Antine puts the child back in control of their meal. Explaining  the benefits of prompts such as, “try it, you’ll like it,”  and  the “thumb rating system” which allows children to have their own opinions after trying new foods, provides children a positive outlook on eating as well as portrays eating as something personal and fun instead of something they are demanded to do.