Speak out for the Elderly

Protective services for Adults

As parents, we are constantly reminded of our responsibility for our children’s well being. You’ve always been the one to care for them and they’re always right there with you. But every parent is also a child, and as the child of aging parents, you have a responsibility to them too. Your responsibility, however, does not have to be a burden you carry alone. There are services available for adults in unsafe or unhealthy situations.

If you know of any adult, relation or not, that is unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect, Protective Services for Adults (PSA) can help. PSA connects with community agencies to provide assistance to impaired individuals who are not able to meet their own needs. There are so many ways PSA can help. They have the resources to help find the best services in healthcare, socialization, legal issues, money management, mental health and more.

Protective Services for Adults is a free service to the community.

Call your local department of Social Services and ask for PSA or call 1-800-342-3009 (option 6) for the number of your county PSA office.