A Year in the Life of a Kitchen: Tortellini Soup

Healthy, delicious family dinners, on the table in no time.

I’ve always been kind of, um, obsessed with pasta filled with cheese.  Tortellini, ravioli, you name it.  When we became gluten free, they were sorely missed from our meals. Eventually I found gluten free versions, which allowed us to reintroduce some favorite dishes back into our repertoire. On a cool day recently, I found myself craving tortellini soup.  Fortunately, I had everything in the fridge and could have it on the table by dinner time.

Creamy Tortellini Soup

Fresh spinach is one of my favorite things about soup.  Many tortellini soup recipes call for frozen spinach, so I spent some extra time searching for one that used fresh.  This recipe from Diethood, with its carrots and fresh spinach, looked perfect. I was delighted to have everything on hand.  As I typically do, I made a few changes to tailor the soup to our liking. In this instance, I doubled the amount of carrots and spinach, and added two stalks of diced celery (another vegetable so perfect in soup).  When it came to adding the one cup of cream, I chose to use ½ a cup of skim milk and ½ a cup of half and half.  I appreciated the opportunity to make the meal a bit healthier, and I doubt anyone noticed a difference.  Finally, I used a gluten-free flour blend (my go-to is Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1) which worked well.

The soup didn't need to cook for very long, so it came together quickly.  In order to save time, I prepped the vegetables and measured out the ingredients in advance.  I could then get it going quickly as it approached dinner time, without an interruption to our routine.  This soup was a-maz-ing. Creamy and filling enough to serve as a main meal, even without any meat.  Enough leftover for lunch the next day, with everyone sad to see it gone. This will definitely join our meal rotation.  Highly recommend it!  Share your favorite family-friendly recipes, soup or otherwise, with our readers in the comments below.


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