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A Year in the Life of a Kitchen: A Speedy Taco Tuesday

Taco night with some time-saving tips

Speedy Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is pretty awesome.  Okay, taco any day, if truth be told.  Digging through my freezer Tuesday morning, I found a bag of ground turkey that I’d recently browned and seasoned as taco meat (with our favorite DIY seasoning). Anytime I make tacos, I double the recipe and freeze half.  The extra meat waiting in the freezer serves as a gift to my future self.  Prepping taco night can be a family affair-- get the everyone involved.  Little hands can wash and rip lettuce, scoop sour cream and salsa into bowls, and even help shred cheese.  

Wanting to do something a little different than our usual taco night, my girls asked for a taco bar, with chips instead of shells. I left the meat to thaw, and we picked up chips and guacamole at the store while we were out.  Without meat to cook, dinner came together very quickly.  I piled the ingredients on the table for my kids to prep while I heated up the cooked turkey.  I let them portion everything in little bowls, made some quick sangria (woot!), and dinner was on the table in under 20 minutes.

Sometimes we can make dinner from scratch.  Other nights, not so much.  Cooking in bulk and freezing the extra allows you to serve healthy, family-friendly meals without dedicating as much time to being in the kitchen.  We didn’t recreate the wheel, but everyone was happy with dinner, and clean up was a snap.  Share your weeknight dinner ideas and time-saving shortcuts with our readers in the comments, below!

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