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A Year in the Life: May Musings

Keeping on track, yet daydreaming of summer

Sometimes, parenthood is a giant game of following your stream of consciousness.  We run around, tending to children, pets, chores, responsibilities, errands, and the world in general.  The end of the school year looms in the near future, like a dangling carrot. Warmer weather and blue skies tease us, alternating with so many rainy, gloomy days.  Pools begin to open, calling to us like sirens waiting to be visited.  Yet we still need to focus on matters at hand, so we can’t get too caught up in what lies ahead.  I find myself fractured, thinking thoughts that are truly here, there, and everywhere.  So much to think about, so little time.  Here’s what’s on my mind today.

Once Upon a Time

We started watching the show as a family about a month ago.  I didn’t have high hopes because I knew that I couldn’t have handled any kind of suspense at my kids’ ages, and didn’t think they could, either. To my surprise, they love it.  So much so that we always watch two in a row, with them begging for more.  I find them reading snippets about the show online, announcing “spoiler alert!” if they come across something we don’t yet know. It’s began a fun weeknight tradition of curling up on the couch together, and the resulting discussions as we analyze the show are deep and meaningful.


My kids have gotten old enough that they hear about current events whether I want them to or not. My older daughter has been consumed with the recent Manchester bombing, asking so many questions and researching the tragedy. I feel so sad, both for the victims of the event and the children of our future, who have to grow up knowing that these types of happenings are commonplace.

Year-end testing

Yes, homeschooled kids participate in standardized testing (I get asked that all of the time). We use the CAT6/Terranova2 test, not unlike the tests that most of us grew up taking.  The test is rented from a testing company (we use Seton) and arrives in the mail.  Just like in school, we administer it in sections over the course of a few days, then send it in to be scored.  We’re more than halfway through now, and looking forward to being done.  Most homeschooled kids, mine included, find the testing process fascinating, since it’s kind of like a peek into the mainstream schooling world.

Life after loss

As I’ve shared before, we had a really rough 2016.  In a six month period, both of my grandmothers and our two 15 year-old cats passed away. Life goes on, but leaves the family members forever changed.  Each “first” milestone (birthdays, holidays) has been a challenge, and we’ve learned to rely on one another to get through it.  I think of these loved ones every day, and always look for a way to honor their spirits while healing myself and my family.


Summer is almost here.  After a full year of schooling and activities, I intentionally don’t plan much for the summer months.  If my kids desire, they participate in an art camp through the school district. Their dance classes continue, and we spend lots of time outdoors.  We spend many days on hikes, bike rides, day trips, and visiting friends and family.  My husband BBQs as often as humanly possible, and I make sure we find our way to waterfalls, the Hudson River, and even the ocean if I can swing it. I’ve been more immune to the rapidly-approaching warmer weather than usual, perhaps because I’ve had so much else on my mind. But it’ll be here soon. Sweet summer, warm breezes, blue skies.  Let's savor every moment.

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