Dining Out: Backyard Bistro in Montgomery

A Hudson Valley Eatery Makes the Cut

If you’d like a great meal, with soothing ambience, with service
hard to beat, try this jewel of a restaurant in the heart of Montgomery.

Ambience: Outside seating features a graceful wrought iron décor; with an intimate interior. Soothing background music plays, fresh flowers create a cheery table seating, and I felt myself unwind after a hard day’s work. When my friend had arrived, her immediate comment was, “This place is amazing.”

Appetizer: Asparagus soup with Béarnaise. Espana mozzarella “noodles” with preserved lemon, Serrano Ham and black olive crumble. Yum.

Entrée: My companion ordered the seared Arctic Char with coconut curry vinaigrette and crispy vegetable nori roll. We were told the Char will be medium rare unless you prefer it otherwise. It wasn’t fishy; it was perfectly rare and scrumptious. My choice was the tortilla lightly wrapped pan fried soft shell crab with red chili sauce and avocado dressing was so superior that it was hard to move on to dessert. 

Black pepper cheesecake with strawberry and Yuzu. Without actually tasting peppery, it provided a rich and warm flavor. The Licorice Cake with Cara Cara Orange and Anise Hyssop Ice Cream was uncommon; I didn’t really taste the Anise, but who cared!

Staff: Excellent service. When I made the reservation, I was asked if there were any allergies in my party, and was also told the payment options, which avoided any awkwardness at time of payment. Smart!

Overall: Though too small for an active family, it’s highly recommended for grown-ups. Back Yard Bistro offers a comfortable and delightful dining experience. Kudos for using local produce!

Roanne Patterson is a lover of the arts, fine celebrations and delicious food.

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