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Shots are made easier for kids of the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Parents can help take some of the sting out of their kids getting shots.

We all the horrible experience taking your kid to get a shot can be. Your kid is often scared, upset, and perhaps even angry at you because of the pain they associate with shots. However Buzzy, a new product designed to help make shots easier, can help. Tell us how you distract your kid during shots and we will send the Buzzy Bee and Bee-Stractor cards

Buzzy is a small happy bee with elastic to hold onto an ice pack. The ice pack can help numb the pain after the shot but it can also be used as a distraction. If you run Buzzy up the arm that’s not getting the shot it has been proven to keep kids focused on the chill and not on the shot, making your life, and the visit to the doctors much easier.

Another Buzzy product is the Bee-Stractor cards. Bee-Stractors are cards with an image on one side and a serious of eye spy like questions on the other. These are meant to keep your kid distracted and busy in boring or stressful situations like waiting in the doctor’s office.

Tell us how you keep your kid distracted when they get a shot or how you keep busy in the waiting room and the best (or funniest) story will win their own Buzzy bee and Bee-Stractor cards.