Quirky Dutchess County destinations

Wing’s Castle in Millbrook defies easy description, a quality which wins me over every time I’m looking for a great destination. At first glance, the stone structure looks to be hundreds of years old. You’ll learn that it’s actually just less than 40 years old and was built by hand by its present owners, Peter and Toni Wing, using salvaged materials from antique buildings.

The 30-minute tour brings you around the façade and inside the castle. You will see artwork and artifacts inside, at which time you’ll remind your kids to see with their eyes and not with their hands! The tour guide, often one of the Wings, tailors the narrative for children with an emphasis on recycling, since 85% of the materials used to build it were recycled.

You’re welcome to walk the grounds afterwards. This exploration will likely be the highlight for your kids, especially the moat. This summer, tours will be offered from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Reservations are not required, so you can go any Wednesday through Sunday from 12-4:30p.m.  Admission fees are $10 per adult, and $8.00 for children under 11.

A visit to the Trevor Zoo is a fun way to round out your day in this part of Dutchess County. It’s the only zoo in the U.S. located at a high school, but it’s an accredited facility and home to 180 exotic and indigenous animals and seven endangered species, including the Red Panda. It’s open every day of the year. Admission fees are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. When you need to re-feul, the Millbrook Diner offers a retro yet cozy atmosphere to enjoy family favorites.


Traci L. Suppa can’t wait for her next road trip, riding shotgun in the family minivan and playing “I Spy” with her two kids. www.wordscapesny.com