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  • Camp Hillcroft
    1562 Rte. 55, LaGrangeville, NY, 12540

Camp Hillcroft
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Fantastic Camp!

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My 2 boys have been going to Camp Hillcroft for years, and it has been a very positive experience every summer. Their swim program is fantastic, and saves us having to send them to separate swim lessons during the summer! The staff is super friendly, and very flexible on your personal schedule (for example, other vacation, educational programs, etc). If you are looking to send your kids to camp, this is the one to choose!

-Joe M.

Amazing Experience

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We can’t say enough about the experience our children had this summer at Hillcroft! Trying to find the “right fit” for both of our kids was challenging to say the least. One tends to shy away from sports and one doesn’t want to leave mom. They both had complaints about different camps we have tried in the past. This year we decided to give Hillcroft a try since we had heard so many great things about it. Well, this camp exceeded our expectations and our children couldn’t stop raving out all the different activities they got to experience. They loved playing on the rope swing at the lake, making pottery, cooking classes and rock climbing. Even the one who didn’t like sports is now feeling more confident in his athletic abilities and trying new things. The swim program is impressive and both of their skills improved greatly in a short period of time. My children loved spending time with their counselors and owners, Sally and Greg are so friendly and attentive! Best decision sending the kids to Hillcroft! My only regret is that I can’t go too!

-Audrey C.


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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Camp Hillcroft. The camp itself brings back memories to when I went to camp years ago. It is a wonderful safe environment children get be outdoors and in when necessary. The management and counselors are so wonderful my daughters can't wait to go back next summer. Also a great bonus is swimming twice a day once instructional and the other free. I cannot thank Sally and Greg enough for all they do in accommodating every request and thinking of great ways to ensure my children have the best experience.

-Catherine B.

Great place

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I have three children and all have attended Camp Hillcroft making this year # 16 for us! We have thoroughly enjoyed all it has to offer! My children have loved picking their array of activities each day but for me the daily swim program is what separates this camp from others!

-Jennifer S.

Best Summer Camp Ever

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My son has been at Hillcroft from Kindergarten through CIT and has loved every summer!! Best Summer Camp Ever!!

-Amy H.

An amazing place!

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Our twins have attended for three now and look forward to going back. It’s a wonderful, fun and safe place for children and the owners clearly enjoy every moment.

-Julie G.

Great Day Camp in Hudson Valley

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My daughter has gone to Camp Hillcroft for the past two summers, and we anticipate many more. The camp is extremely well-organized with a wide variety of activities, including a strong swimming program. She is outdoors every day and comes home tired but happy. She does see friends from school at camp, but also has many new "camp friends" that we look forward to seeing each year. I am glad that she has an opportunity to develop interests and confidence in a supportive, friendly environment in the summer.

-April H.

An Absolute Must....

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My daughters Lexi and Gabby have been attending Camp Hillcroft for years. It’s an authentic traditional day camp empowering young children to make decisions for their daily schedule and be creative and technology free.

-Tiffany B.

Fun for all Ages

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My son has been going to Hillcroft since he was 5. He is now 7 and has grown to love camp and looks forward to what new thing he’s going to experience the next day. I have watched him grow and become a confident strong swimmer. He learns new things every day. He experiences nature, sports he never thought he would be interested in such as fencing. He loves to dance and he loves music. He has formed beautiful friendships with other kids and counselors from around the world. He has come to love camp and can’t wait to get back there in July. It’s not cheap. I wish I could afford to send him the whole summer. The owners Sally and Greg run this camp like a well oiled machine. They are always responsive to any requests and concerns.

-J W.

Your child will LOVE it at the 'Hill'

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Camp Hillcroft is an amazing camp. My daughter went for 9 years (1st - 9th grade). My son started in Kindergarten, and just finished up his 8th year this past summer - with plans to go back again in summer of 2019. They have an amazing facility, with so many things for the kids to do. There are 3 swimming pools - the kids have pool time twice a day (once for instruct swim, and then a 2nd just for play/fun). There are a wide variety of activities that your child will have the opportunity to do....I couldn't even begin to list them all. Rest assured, your child will not be bored, and will have the chance to try many different things. I could go on & on about the programs, but the other key aspect of Camp Hillcroft is the amazing staff that work there. Greg & Sally are wonderful, and always manage to hire an amazing set of counselors and Program staff each year. Many of the counselors are former campers themselves. The fact that these folks want to continue spending their summers working at the camp is proof of just how special Camp Hillcroft is. You won't regret sending your child there - and they will have the most amazing time!

-Melissa W.

The Best

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Camp Hillcroft really is the best summer experience a child can have in the area.

-Karen B.

Summer Memories

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Camp Hillcroft is the place to be for summer! I have 2 children enrolled who count down the days till camp every winter. From the nurturing and caring staff, to the exciting activities, fun after camp activities and everything in between. And most importantly the friendships and memories my kids are making is one for the books!

-Allyson H.

My son LOVES Hillcroft!

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We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful camp to send our son to every summer. There are so many activities for him to chose from and new things to learn (archery, fencing, ceramics, team sports, the list goes on and on). The swimming lessons are fantastic and the counselors genuinely love their jobs. I wish there was a camp like this when I was growing up!

-Kelly H.

Fun filled day... "Summer"!

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As a child I had a wonderful camp experience. I was looking for that for my child. After asking many people about where they send their children, Camp Hillcroft was the name that continued to be the camp that was recommended. We had a great first summer and have already signed up for next year! Our child got dropped off happy to leave us for the day and bubbling to tell us of the wonderful day. He had days filled with activities and friends. I love the variety of fun (learning); from farming and animal care to swimming (skills!) and theater, not to forget cooking and woodworking; the list of activities goes on and on and so does the enthusiasm from my child telling me about their day. It is now the end of October and our child is still telling us stories of his days at camp, regaling tales of his beloved counselors and awesome plans for next summer. Thanks much!

-Kerenza W.

Best Camp in Hudson Valley

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I sent both my kids to the camp. Absolutely best Camp in Hudson Valley. Cost more than other camp, but worth every penny

-April Z.

A summer tradition

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My 3 kids have been attending Camp Hillcroft for the past 8 summers. It is a tremendous experience - the swimming, the crafts, the cooking, the trips - they look forward to it all year long. Being part of the Camp Hillcroft community, is being part of something very special.

-Dana B.

Hillcroft exceeds parents' expectations for over 15 years!

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Greg and Sally get it right ...from the small details for your child to the big picture for your family! I have been using Camp Hillcroft for 18 years and three children! My Three very different children got to customize their daily camp activities according to their individual interests. Yet, I only had one drop off and pick up. The Buttingers are sensitive to each child's experience. The daily details are important to them, and to your child. Hillcroft gives an amazing summer and his part of our family legacy!

-Jean R.

Best camp

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I grew up going to Hillcroft, knowing every year I would return to my old friends and make new ones, see smiling faces from the counselors, and be given enough variety and balance between sports and arts to make me smile every day. I have been so lucky to be able to send my son there as well only to find that he shares the same excitement I did as a child. The family-run camp is so organized, and you can feel the effort they put into making this camp the best around. I happily tell everyone about it.

-Amanda H.

The Place to be!

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My three children went there one as a counselor and the other two as campers and they all have had the time of their lives. They made wonderful memories. Their experience has brought the best out in them, they are looking forward to returning. my heart was over joyed daily from their happiness at Camp Hillcroft.

-nika l.

The Place to be!

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My three children went there one as a counselor and the other two as campers and they all have had the time of their lives. They made wonderful memories. Their experience has brought the best out in them, they are looking forward to returning. my heart was over joyed daily from their happiness at Camp Hillcroft.

-nika l.

Best Camp Hands Down in Dutchess County!!

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My four children have been going to Camp Hillcroft since the summer of 2008. They look forward to camp each day, and truly miss it during the school year! A typical camp day at Hillcroft is packed with a variety of activities to suit every child's interest and keeps your child happily engaged. Sign your child up for Camp Hillcroft, and you will give them a summer they will never forget!

-Jeanne J.

Wonderful camp

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-Sally B.

Best Camp Ever

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If you want your children to be safe, have fun and never want to leave this is the camp for you!

-Veronica M.

Awesome day camp

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Hillcroft day camp is fantastic. Safe, fun filled day camp for all ages to enjoy a wonderful summer camp experience. Knowledgable friendly staff is sure to please. My son has enjoyed 8 consecutive summers at Hillcroft with memories that are sure to last a lifetime, and friendships too. I highly recommend. Hillcroft is the place to be for the summer. I wish I was a kid again.

-Kristi F.

Excellent experience

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This program is all around superb!! Activities range from physical to educational and in between. Aside from 3 pools they have their own lake. Children are exposed to art. Music. Dance. Gymnastics. Cooking. Animals. Fencing. Most important to me are the community service outreach programs. LOVE HILLCROFT

-Margaret K.

Committed to kids

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We have seen first hand that their values are in line with their actions. In addition to any activity that a child could ask for they really reach out to child who have behavior issues. Even when things have been challenging they start each day fresh and allow a child to start new. I fully agree with all of the previous ratings and comments, you couldn’t ask for a better environment for your child.

-Irene M.

Best Summer Camp in Hudson Valley!

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We can not say enough about Camp Hillcroft. Our twin girls started camp at the age of 7. We were excited for them, but also nervous to leave them all day. Both came home so happy and wiped out from all the fun they had at camp and they have been excited to go back every summer. My girls are now 15 and till this day Camp Hillcroft is a very special place for them. We are grateful to have had this camp close to our house in the summer. If you have the opportunity to have your kids experience a summer at Camp Hillcroft... we highly recommend it!

-Gloria D.

Great times at Camp Hillcroft

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My daughter has been attending Camp Hillcroft for the past few summers. She has had a wonderful time, been exposed to different sports and crafts and made great friends. From our first contact with Camp Hillcroft we have had nothing but a positive experience. The owners, the staff and the counselors are top-rate and provide a caring and nurturing environment for all of the children.

-Deborah R.

Best Summer Camp Ever

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We love Hillcroft! Our daughter started at 8 years old, and continued through CIT. The Hillcroft environment is wonderful, the Buttingers have excellent values and pass these along to their counselors & campers. They have every possible summer activity a kid could want!

-Jamie M.


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Amazing camp experience! So many things to do, the kids can't even count them all.

-Deanna G.

Best camp ever!

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Such a wonderful camp!

-Monica L.

The only place for camp

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You will not find more activities at any camp. The swim program alone is worth the cost of camp. Best counselors, high percentage of return staff and campers. Great location. What camp is supposed to be

-peter e.

Only place to be this summer.....

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Camp Hillcroft offers a fun filled day of both physical and creative experiences. Campers participate in many activities during the day ranging from woodworking, weaving, dance, theater, farming, gymnastics, archery, lake, fencing, tennis, cooking and swimming just to name a few ;) Camp also has special events like cookouts, sleepovers, talent shows and trips. All these activities are age appropriate. Camp Hillcroft is also a very giving camp and donates to several charities. Camp Hillcroft also fosters friendships that last a lifetime, not only between other campers but with the counselors too! My girls have been attending Camp Hillcroft since 2nd grade and are returning as 5th and 8th graders and now my son will start his first year. My oldest is already looking forward to being a counselor when she gets older. It is such a relief to NEVER hear the words "I'm bored", they come home with huge smiles on their faces every day. I love the fact that my kids countdown the days to the first day of camp!!! Camp Hillcroft ----the only place to be this summer AND every summer !

-Sandra D.

Camp Hillcroft is the ONLY place to be this summer!

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Camp Hillcroft holds a dear place in my heart. It is a home away from home. Hillcroft not only allows the children to have an amazing summer but it also teaches them useful skills and values that can be used later on in life! Such a wonderful place with wonderful staff!

-Gabrielle C.

The Place to Be for All Kids

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My children have been going to Camp Hillcroft since they were in 1st grade. This year they will be returning as 6th and 8th graders, and are JUST as excited as they were the first time they went. As a parent, I couldn't be any happier. My kids have very different personalities (one is shy, one is very outgoing) and they both come home each day happy, engaged and exhausted:) From swimming and crafts, to farming and zip lining, Hillcroft has it all! Most importantly, it is extremely well run, and I have the utmost confidence in their safety and well-being while there.

-Jen T.

camp cool

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your camp is cool

-isabella b.

Camp Hillcroft

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Not only is this a great place to send your kids, it's a fun place to work at during the summers. My child has decided to go here next summer after he heard all the choices they offer. He's also excited that he gets to plan his own day out. Swimming twice a day, fencing, rock climbing, wood shop, drama, dance, cooking, music...the list goes on.

-Mary T.

Awesome camp!

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This camp is amazing. I used to be a counselor here many many years ago, and the activities they offer for the children are wonderful. The variety gives children the ability to try new things and do the things they love to do. Camp Hillcroft becomes a second home, and everyone is very sad when the summer comes to an end.

-Kristin H.

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